Harmonizing Metal Guitar Riffs – Jason’s Metal Rhythms

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25 thoughts on “Harmonizing Metal Guitar Riffs – Jason’s Metal Rhythms

  1. Thanks man! I’ll possibly be playing TSO’s Christmas Canon Rock with a friend for our school choir Christmas concert and with the teacher wanting me to play the harmony a 3rd above the melody, this video really helped me fully understand what I need to do in order to make it sound awesome! Thanks again, you’re a great teacher, ROCK ON!!

  2. Hey Jason, I just stumbled on your channel doing some research for the PreSonus USB interface. You’ve got a new subscriber! you haver pretty cool stuff here. I just have a question, am I missing something or you call the strings starting from the top and not from the bottom as is usually done? I mean, you’re calling “second string” the one I call the “fifth string”, that is the A string. Am I wrong?


  3. I render them from the great beast or Mordor. Kidding man…they’re actually studio-recorded drum loops from Beta Monkey’s Double Bass Mania series (look up Double Bass Mania on my YouTube channel as I have a vid on this). I’m pretty happy with these quality-wise. You’re somewhat limited to the loops on creativity but you get over 1,000 loops for each package so you can make them work.

  4. Only thing I can think of is your mic may be picking up noise or music from your headphones (so if you pan a track left, when you go to record the right track your mic may be picking up a little of your headphones which will contain a little of that panned left track). Hopefully that makes sense. I record my guitar direct (POD HD500). Same with bass.

  5. Hey man I need help with panning in studio one 2. I have a shure sm57 plugged into an audiobox. My main issue is with hard panning. When i pan a track hard I can hear it slightly in the opposite channel. Its not super loud but it is noticeable. How can I get a track to pan 100% to the right or left? there always seems to be a little audio bleed into the opposite side. This video is bad ass by the way. Rock one m/

  6. Thanks man…yeah, I had a lot of frustrations with the HD at first but man, after dialing in my tone with the FBALL (ENGL), I’m digging it!

  7. i see u are using the pod hd 500 ,,certainly a piece of gear that i recommend to others, got the desktop myself, great video btw

  8. lol…that’s a total compliment man! Branch is one massive dude (and I’m tiny compared to him!)

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