Gus G Plays Classic Ozzy Riffs Exclusive Guitarist Magazine HD

Ozzy’s newish guitarist Gus G plays three classic riffs, Mr Crowley, Bark At The Moon and Crazy Train, exclusively in HD for Guitarist magazine. Don’t miss e…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “Gus G Plays Classic Ozzy Riffs Exclusive Guitarist Magazine HD

  1. first off, why criticize someone if they were handpicked by ozzy. gus has his own style and sound. i think its a little weak but like his little flourishes. randy rhoads, jake e lee, zakk wylde, paul gilbert. that’s how i think it should have went but you cant win them all

  2. Honestly, I prefer Jake. I dont know, I always go for the underdog because we ourselves are underdogs at the moment. Jake did things with the guitar that i’ve never seen before done. Look up Jake e lee solo’s.
    Absolute animal.

  3. And Randy too… Tony Iommi, but I only think that Ozzy gotten a lot of wonderfull musicians on his band, Black Sabbath or Ozzy Osbourne… Whatever, each guitar player Ozzy’s hads kicked the ass of Heavy Metal on their own way, all of them are awesome!… P.D. Sorry for my bad english jaja

  4. If you’re gonna use a 2005 meme you might as well change your profile pic to go along with it.

  5. the thing I respect about Gus is like Zakk he hasn’t just copied note for note the original he has mad them his own just like Zakk did

  6. every tour, Ozzy’s voice gets a bit lower.. Bark at the Moon was recorded at concert pitch, and played in Eb on tour.. now they are down to D when they play the older stuff..

  7. What a nice guy, and tremendous guitarist.
    Presenting that heavy attacking material
    in such a noble manner. Laid back, yet
    very punchy fat n strong man!  Ιδιαίτερα θετικά
    The original is of course always the source of
    magic, but with this modern guitar and rig
    I definitely see an improvement. And the way
    he executes and analyses stuff draws parallels
    to the evolution of classical guitar playing.

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