GUITAR THEORY: Riff and Lick Overhaulin’ Hundred’s of FREE lesson Handout PDF’s & MP3 Jams. This Video: May 31st, 2013 | Search Videos by Title/Date. THIS VIDEOS…
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21 thoughts on “GUITAR THEORY: Riff and Lick Overhaulin’

  1. really liked phrasing & the ex. before that one, its close to about Im at now always like fresh ideas. thanks again.

  2. Andrew I have always wanted to understand this and you did an excellent job showing and explaining how it all works and comes together thank you my friend.

  3. Hi..Andrew… Beautifulllll melody music compositons :-).. Love your compositions & lessons 🙂 ..If you find time , request you to please do a new “Wedding music” compositions 🙂 …I love a lot these type of music compositions by you 🙂 heard in one of your video . It was a beautiful piece of music i ever heard :-).. Thanks a lot for your awesome videos . You RoCk !

  4. Hey Andrew, if you don’t mind me asking what are you using to record your intros? Is it a DAW or do you have some sort of home recording set up? Also, what program or programs are you using for your drums? Thanks as always for the great lessons.

  5. Wow that was awesome on many levels!!! What an AWESOME post thanks for the time / thought / work you put in these. Best from NY!

  6. The ending is so cool… at like 01:40 those guitar punches are so damn tight, and then the bass enters – just absolutely “EPIC” sound. I have a serious bass sub on the floor for my home computer speakers and that bass dude – whoa! Just KILLER.

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