Guitar Lessons: Old Time Rock n’ Roll Guitar Riffs

OFFICIAL SITE: – Learn this old time rock n’ roll guitar riff In the early days of rock n’ roll these kinds of riffs, of…
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17 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons: Old Time Rock n’ Roll Guitar Riffs

  1. Hey Paul,
    I have just joined guitar classes and I come home´╗┐ and check your videos and practice. You have helped me in picking up some really good strums. Will always be indebted to you! ­čÖé

  2. Hi, congrats on your progress so far, sounds like you’re making progress´╗┐ there! Pretty soon I’m going to update and improve the Country Guitar Course, I have new ideas for the content and how to make it even better. I’ll send out an email once it’s ready so you can login and get the update.

  3. Hi there.´╗┐ I am going to make sure I check this out more thoroughly when I return from holidays.

  4. Hi Paul,
    I’m working on Video 5 right now (I’m beginner Level and im 58). My strumming Needs to be improved and that’s exactly´╗┐ what I’m Training with your Video 5 and 6 and after only 2 weeks that I Training with Country Guitar Course I can state that my guitar playing has already improved a lot :-).
    Thank you for this lessons.
    Kind regards from Switzerland

  5. Hey thanks! I appreciate´╗┐ that. Working on new stuff at the moment and I’ll be doing some electric guitar material soon.

  6. Paul’s tutorials are the BEST. You can’t help but learn guitar from him. He’s the greatest!!!´╗┐

  7. Hi Paul,
    The upgrades to the videos are excellent and I am going to go check out the new sight! If anyone is looking for a great guitar instructor, Paul´╗┐ is your man. He is an awesome teacher!

  8. Hi Paul,
    great, I like your new site.
    When I’ve played through your Country package I will be back to this lesson package!
    thank for making learning guitar playing that easy.
    wish you a good life!
    a Hello´╗┐ from Switzerland

  9. Cool, that product “Top 20 Strumming Patterns” is going to be updated in a little while. Just login once it’s ready to download the latest´╗┐ version.

  10. I like your guitar video-lessons´╗┐ very much.
    With a hug from Brazil,
    J. Ricardo
    P.S. I’ve got your strumming complete package and I loved it. Thanks a lot!

  11. I was lost until I tried Guitar in a Nutshell.. none better, now I am on my way to becoming a good guitarist and I’m 60. Idiot proof is an understatement, man can this guy teach, all that´╗┐ is required is to put forth the effort and practice, stop procrastinating and start playing

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