25 thoughts on “Funk Rock Guitar Riffs

  1. @MrMrbasskillingspree idk i can do this easily on an acoustic guitar but when i grab my electric guitar i cant do it very well.. i guess i just gotta practice

  2. Great funk guitar  and great taste…though I prefer funk without distortion à la Nile Rodgers 😉
    And the Fender strato is the BEST funk guitar EVER!!!

  3. Nice, very nice work mate.
    Good to hear some funk with strong riffs!
    Have you got anymore of that same piece? I was just starting to get into that!

  4. Well played, such a great sound 🙂 i also respect you for playing a Strat when a lot of people play Les Paul’s 🙂

  5. Hey man!!!! would you consider jazz/fusion a very complicated style? i love jazz fusion and i have a very good coordination and finger stamina, but im worried that as a beginner im going to have to wait for a while until i can play that stuff 🙁 please give me some feedback! great video!!!

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