Flatpicking Guitar Lesson – Bluegrass Guitar Riff in G

Bluegrass guitar lessons…country guitar lessons…bluegrass riffs…country licks tablature…I uploaded free tablature for this to my website http://count…
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8 thoughts on “Flatpicking Guitar Lesson – Bluegrass Guitar Riff in G

  1. Hey, I just signed up on your websight. Figured this would be easier. So, I just learned “you don’t know her like I do” Brantly Gilbert. I learned the chords, but I can’t find tabs or a video ANYWHERE that shows the picking he does between chords in the verses. Can you help w that??

  2. can you do a lesson of the song “Dear God” by avenged sevenfold. Please!!! i want to learn that song so bad but i cannot find a good lesson

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