EXTREME Country / Blues Guitar Licks and Riffs Doug Seven

– – ModernCountryGuitar.com Pt 2 Brand New Videos from Modern Country Guitar. Thanks alot for watching and ENJOY! ~Doug

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: truefire.at More guitar lessons: bit.ly ’50 Funk Licks You Must Know’ pays deep homage to the players that laid down the foundations of funk such as James Brown alumni Jimmy Nolen/Phelps Collins/Alphonso Kellum, Funkadelic guitarists Michael Hampton/Gary Shider/Eddie Hazel, Freddie Stone (Sly & the Family Stone), Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire), Sugar Foot Bonner (Ohio Players), Leo Nocentelli (The Meters), Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers), Nile Rodgers (Chic); as well as their descendants such as Prince, Vernon Reid (Living Colour), and John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers). To take it even further you’re going to dig on major must know moments laid down by a collection of players who you may have never thought flew the funk flag such as Steve Lukather, Joe Walsh and Ad-Rock (Beastie Boys)! As an added bonus I went all out to bring you must know licks and riffs from the funk underground via guitarists like Brian Dennis (Dag), Simon Katz and Gavin Dodds (Jamiroquai), Simon Bartholomew (The Brand New Heavies), Adam Rogers (Groove Collective) and David “Fuze” Fiuczynski (Screaming Headless Torsos). These and a whole lot more six-string genius awaits you.

33 thoughts on “EXTREME Country / Blues Guitar Licks and Riffs Doug Seven

  1. @Sentenciame Doug has a website called Sizzling Guitar. ALL he does is teach. He is one of a kind. Check out the site. There are free videos and as one who has bought several of his DVD’s they are incredibly informative. I have learned more from him than any of the Lesson DVD’s that I have, barring Redd Volkaert.

  2. why dont you show how to play or learn to play instead of simply playing??
    Anyway, It is great.

  3. Doug- You blow me AWAY!…I would say you’re “showing off”, but when you’re THIS good, you ain’t bragging!..You are incredibly talented- Chicken-pickin, Jazzy, the lesson on Playing in Major Scales, even if song is in E minor(CAN’T FIND THAT LESSON!), and now, this BLUES stuff- You’re killin’ me!.. No, really, it’s ALL inspirational. Thanks, Doug!

  4. I’m mostly into alternative and metal but I love the country!!!!! That’s some technical stuff.It would give headache learningi it but I ill have to give it a go.Love your work 🙂

  5. I really liked it you should post some videos that are just your guitar not the drums and bass 🙂

  6. @Mrflashdrive NO, that’s how you give birth to heavy metal sound, but you have to mix some piss and puke with it! 🙂

  7. lol….. sweet music to my ears peepz, if you dont enjoy it keep it to yourself, post in that you like it. Doug the man on the git……

  8. lol….. sweet music to my ears peepz, if you dont enjoy it keep it to yourself, post in that you like it. Doug the man on the git……

  9. Now there`s nothing wrong with country licks in rock or blues of course, nor the other way around. In fact, any scale usage in any song can work and its been done for years but when it sounds like its being forced on the song it destroys the characteristics of the song. Anyway, no hard feelings, just an opinion.

  10. This guy can play theres no doubt. B u t… It seems a bit boring at times and its like theres a serious clash of styles. Its like he`s maybe trying too hard to incorporate the country licks in the blues and vice versa. I know a few guitarists who have the same problem but they`ve actually made the necessary adjustments once they realized playing an instrument is best coming from a direct line from your gut, NOT trying to play all you know in every song but playing what each song needs.

  11. 5 people are dyslexic and hit the wrong button on accident. All the stuff this guy plays is really tasteful and well played.

  12. I’ve got to get this DVD. Been looking to add some country licks to my playing. May as well learn from one of the best.

    Great playing, Doug. Keep it up.

  13. @1996SB I’ve nearly got the same hands as this bald dude! that’s amazing. but I ain’t so good looking, I dont even have a guitar as I smashed it up along with my bass and some other stuff, on my kitchen floor which is made of slate, a rock!

  14. You play very well. Check out the song by Miles Davis called “Tomaas” that’s on the Tutu CD. For a jazz song, Miles had a funk lead guitar rhythm to this song. I can play it on my guitar but I can not duplicate the sound that the guitar is making. Another song that I find hard to duplicate and play is “Rolling down the mountain side” by the Main Ingredient. Check out the fancy wah wah technique in this song. Please make a video on how to do that wah technique. Help with the Tomaas song as well

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