Classic Rock Riff Guitar Lesson

Learn an excerpt from the Sultans of Swing solo as taught by Teague Purtell. http

Get TAB for this lesson here: See my guitar BLOG here: Follow me on Twitter here: HD Version of the video available at This is a sample of my lessons. This one teaches 16 voicings for each of the 7th chords of the major scale.
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37 thoughts on “Classic Rock Riff Guitar Lesson

  1. A teacher who still uses actual music note references, last of a dying breed! Nice explanation methods. Relating this to the arpeggio makes it MUCH clearer to me. Will be subscribing. Thank you!!

  2. great lesson bro can you please
    do lesson on nirvana-you know
    you’re right
    lemme know even if you won’t k?

  3. great job on this vid made it a lot less complicated than anywhere else. i think i’ve got the picking down now i just need to work on speed xP

  4. YouTube won’t let me post a link here in this comment section. Go to my web site, select the MUSIC THEORY link next to the neck of the red jazz guitar on the left of the page, then select 112 DIATONIC MAJOR CHORD VOICINGS INSIDE THE MAJOR SCALE. I will also send you a private message with the link in it. Thx!

  5. THANK YOU for making the chord video I’ve been searching for! I’ve been needing these chords for years and I feel like this is going to help me out a lot!!!

  6. Oh hai! Have you tried the X7 Guitar Mind Implant (google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend learned how to really jam with it.

  7. First you need to ask yourself what your goals are and shoot for them. If you are a beginner I advise you start with something challenging enough to keep your interest but easy enough not to discourage you. Learn something fun! Tabs are your key, they are great place to start, try websites like songsterr or ultimate guitar.

  8. very influential. being this proficient in regards to theory and chords is now a goal for myself

  9. I’m buying your “Diatonic 7th Chord Voicings Of The Major Scale” e-booklet. 🙂

  10. Yeah, there is a lot of material I’m trying to get across in a 10 minute video.  I’d suggest using the pause button and rewind and just take in one chord voicing at a time. Also, you can get the tab and chord diagrams at the Lulu link shown just below the video.

  11. I gotta agree here; for one thing starting out with static stretches (ie chords) is a bad idea, you should start of with stretching in a dynamic position like 3 note per string pentatonic exercises or something like that and move to static chords when your hands are more pliable. Also, position and hold are very important, and knowing when to stop to prevent injury. It’s usually pretty self-evident though; if you find your wrist is sore after a while of playing then change it!

  12. David, awesome video…it’s taken me an hour o get through the first seven minutes, but it’s been time well spent. You’ve got a great teaching style, some beautiful voicings and a nice sounding L-5! Thanks for the lesson. Great stuff!

  13. That would be an “archtop” guitar – specifically a Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery model.

  14. I agree not everyone has asparagus for fingers. But sausage fingers work well for doubling two strings!

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