Brad Paisley Style Country Style Hot Guitar licks Riffs Click link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Ebook, all for free from Brad Paisley Style Country Style Hot Guitar licks Riffs
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Rockabilly Guitar Riffs custom Epiphone/Gretsch Guitar sample
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “Brad Paisley Style Country Style Hot Guitar licks Riffs

  1. You can get a book that includes both standard notation and tabs for a number of Paisley’s songs called ‘Best of Brad Paisley’ and I believe it’s published by Hal Leonard. Anyway, “Alcohol” is one of the songs in the book. And, don’t worry–it’s in the right key!

  2. this is a great and cool riff. i am starting up a country band, and we are going to cover Alcohol, but every thing i look up has the song in A, when it starts on a B maj. please post a video. its be much appreciated.

  3. Hey man!

    I like the way you show the notes, for me is great, since i can get the fingering just fine. Without having a close up on the arm, i think that is the way to go.

  4. its great stuff man but just for the people that want to learn it up to speed you should explain the right hand with the down up technique. when you are showing it slow you are using all down pick strokes. But dont get me wrong it is great playing and teaching you are pleasant to listen too. maybe it is another lesson that you go over the right hand. Thanks for the lick

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  9. You know, now that I think about it…the little lick that’s taught in this video reminds me more of Vince Gill’s style than Brad Paisley’s.

    Still a good video for beginners though.

  10. man you guys have some of the greatest instructional vids, but to be prettty honest i think this video was lacking……maybe even a little gay.
    i was hoping for a more substantial riff than a simple box 1 pattern from the minor penta scale.
    more for beginners i suppose.

  11. what you need is a 49 ford or merc, 59 impala & a 60 olds……….mm mm goode! lol talk to ya bro.

  12. Hi…This is like any other Strat with overdrive…My advice is any Strat will sound good with overdrive…You just need to dial in your settings…If you want more out put (GAIN)…raise the pickups closer to the strings…Again you can make a Strat sound like any guitar..(Gibson Les Paul) but you can’t make any other guitar sound like a STRATOCASTER! “BOD BLESS ‘LEO CLANENCE FENDER!” Cheers Frank….

  13. Hi…I’am using a Vintage Ibanez DDL10..Its a great sounding pedal…..Buy Vintage if you can…they used better components 20 years ago……I bought this one at a pawn store for $35.00…bargain!
    Talk to you…….

  14. What model delay pedal do you use? I’m using a boss rv-3 but can’t get it set to my liking

  15. Hi forgot to add, the Presence control at 8 gives a little nastyness.Our new Video clip will be released soon will let you know when its done.Theres a release on a Rockabilly compilation CD all Australian Bands 10 Bands 20 Tracks two originals from each band.We released an old original and a nu one.this is the one we shot the video for HATS TOO TIGHT Had three classic cars 59 Cady Coupe Deville 57 Plmth Belvedere 60 Chry NYer & a Hot Luv interest a Burlesque Dancer Meral Neiman WOW

  16. @hank27567982 Hi Hank,Look these “Fender Super Twin Reverb” Amps..are very heavy and the trend is to go lighter these days so they although rare (r) are quite affordable. But I think these are the best Fender amps for rockabilly having said that any Fender tube Vintage amp will do,they have a very high headroom with 180 watts coming to you from 6 6L6 Valves yes 6! So they are popular with steel gtr players and 4 thoses wanting clean tones.I had the bright on Tr 8 Mid 8.5 B 7all Eqs @ 0.Frank!

  17. Hi…thanks for looking….No you don’t have to change out your harrness….make sure you have 500k pots…(You should have if you have Humbuckers)…all good…

  18. What if wanted to put these pickups in a gretsch 5120 with humbuckers, do I need to change the wiring harness?

  19. Hi…I bought the guitar around 8 years ago for around $800. and I bought a couple of S/H Gretsch Dynasonics for around $200…These are the LONG MAGNET ones they DO sound different..better!..And I bought the Vintage Gretsch B6 Bigsby for $250 which was a great price but you can buy new USA Nickel B6 for around $150.00..So I paid around $1300 give or take a few dollars.But I have since dimanteled this guitar I bought a Vintage Gibson ES 350T.Put in some GFC Surf 90’s So Sweet. Frank.

  20. Hey Frank–that is a good set up / sound too. so how much invested with that guitar (guitar/pick ups/Bigsby etc)? appears I’ll never be able to get a 6120 or a Setzer model anytime soon. Did yo say you installed the Bigsby too?
    Thanks in advance for some info. Nice playing bro.

  21. Hey…thanks….You can checkout my Band Live …I’m using a Gibson ES 350T with GFS Single coil pickups Dynasonic copies…threr’re Cheap but sound outstanding…Didn’t want to re-route my Gibson to take the Dynasonics….but these GFS pickups…HUMBUCKER MOUNT SINGLE COIL DYNASONIC COPIES sound FANTASTIC they really do!…Type in Frank Ratta and it will come up first pop…

  22. Thanks……Franky…PS you can checkout our Rockabilly Band THE MEMPHIS SUNS…You Tube us..
    Franky…Kaapa Rock’n

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