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Blues rock lead guitar licks made easy lesson Pentatonic scale on Gibson Les Paul

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Blues rock lead guitar licks made easy lesson Pentatonic scale on Gibson Les Paul”

  • oneeesnesnes:

    angus is on you man!

  • MrLutter1:

    3 people were mad he wasnt using effects

  • jets115:

    I hit “like” not only because I like the videos, but because of the LES PAUL!! Rock on!

  • ElGbayRGX:

    Thanks a lot for the lesson very usefull !!!!!!

  • guitarbrain666:

    sweet guitar

  • imperfection32:

    why are all these videos about the same concept?

  • ericclapton00028:

    sound really SLASHy

  • ryanc177:

    thanks David!! always looking for a new blues lick!! looking forward to more of these.
    Rock (and Blues) On!

  • skat3er4ever1996:

    @PuddlesMD69 Thank you very much!!! I have to wait to buy a guitar because I don’t have any money but it’s my birthday pretty soon so I hope I will get money xD but I think I’m going to buy the epiphone les paul standard… I really like that one!! but thanks for answer my question! 😀 have a nice year! (OR SOMETHING)

  • rockongoodpeople:

    Hi – once you register we email you the link for the video and free Ebook – all for free.
    If you are still having problems email me at thenextlevelguitar at yohoo dotcom and we will get you all set up.
    Thnaks and rock on!
    David T

  • kattenfreak:

    love the guitar =o

  • nicholasmaltby:

    I registered but couldn’t find the ebook, help?
    ou rock BTW

  • ArrJayEss:

    Very cool lesson!!!

  • iio58:

    @rockongoodpeople Hi David. Thanks for that. Tried it on a different computer and did the same so must be an issue with IE, as tried Firefox and it was fine in that. Thank you kindly. 🙂

  • Maestrp37388:

    I have asked this many times of many guys teacing on youtube, but can you please cover how to achieve vibrato at the tail end of a string bend?

  • HaistaPaska92:

    How do yuo get that nice drrrty tone?

  • drivin69:

    pritty cool sound.. it is amazeing the differnce between a fender strat and a les paul.. but i like this sound it is amazeing how underestimated the pentitonic scales are.. the slaide is messen me up my fingers want to keep going but i will work on it… got to lesson 5 i am still working on not only the lessons but learning how to better adapt them with my own… i am still learning and hope to figure them all out but i guess only time and effort will be able to determen that out..

  • MetalBrotha666:

    Mr. Taub sir. You are a badass at guitar. I’ve only been playing guitar for about five years but I know you match up to my favorite guitarists. Keep on keepin on man.

  • rockongoodpeople:

    Hi – no worries – the free video and PDF book from the link is all free – so enjoy and keep on rocking!
    David T

  • rockongoodpeople:

    Hi – the G&Ls I played have all been pretty cool – it comes down to what guitar sounds best to your ears and feels best in your hands. Be sure to give the guitar the full on road test and see how they match against each other for quality, craftsmanship, playability, and tone – enjoy the journey
    rock on!
    David T

  • hawg427:

    Hay David, Love your videos. What’s your take on G&L guitars? I’ve been looking at a G&L ASAT Bluesboy. I’ve heard G&L is a better built Fender.

  • burnindownthehouse:

    Hi. I am interested in receiving the free materials but I don’t have any money for a subscription. I am worried if I click the verify link on the email I will accidentally sign up for a subscription, too.

  • pdawiec:

    Last 3 pages are:

    Blank tablature staffs to write out your favorite licks

    How tricky! Nevertheless, it seems to be good, thx.

  • rockongoodpeople:

    Hi -just checked the link – all is working well – no problems – try using another browser – try mozilla firefox - its the best browser for video and can be downloaded for free at mozilla dotcom – give that a shot and keep on rocking!
    David T

  • iio58:

    ***PROBLM*** Hi Dave, I dont know if its my computer or not, but I have clicked the link and tried to fill in my details but it wont allow me to click in the boxes to fill in the details – its like its a graphic and not a form. Reloaded page and tried a few times now. Is there a problem with it? Thanks 🙂

  • Gurra88:


    “One” by Metallica.

  • ltmittens:

    @GUGGOSO one by metallica

  • TheVanHelsinki:

    @BartRamone Dude, that is funny as hell! “VH”

  • mattpedroscottjamie:


  • movement26:

    Did he say Ritchie Blackmore………..I’m in.


    what song is in the 0:38 with the Tapping please?¡¡

  • MrMichela1983:

    hahahahaha:))) It’s Chris Buono fuckers!

  • OIdSchoolPupils:

    1:17 What song? Please tell me)

  • OIdSchoolPupils:

    Guys, what song is on 0:57?
    Thank you)

  • fingerboardmaster22:

    r.i.p dimebag darrel

  • TheGuitarlord11:

    @rollingrastogi thnx

  • MrMichela1983:

    thx Chris!!!!

  • RollingRastogi:

    Floods by Pantera

  • TheGuitarlord11:

    PLEASEEE tell me the song at 1:32 thnx

  • gibbsies:

    dragonforce? i think meshuggah deserves to be in there more than dragonforce

  • biodigitaljazz:

    @GrataAmorCreationis yeah, guitar players just gotta quit the drugs until they master the guitar, then go for the drugs.

  • GrataAmorCreationis:

    @BartRamone Stop using drugs! It’s hard but you can do it! You can quit drugs and become like Chris Porno making cool guitar videos etc… 🙂

  • isac1029:

    1:05 bla bla bla bla bla bla richie blackmore and many many more XD

  • megaflyinbrian:

    i wish just one time they would say what tune their guitar is in. lessons start with the basic shit like tuning!

  • greenbeaner69:

    The Human Abstract

  • neils68:

    @metaldrums34 Cthulhu. Rise up!

  • YOxKINGx91:

    i thin my ears are pregnent

  • ryanhsb30:


  • metaldrums34:

    @gkhn115 it’s call of the ktulu (not so sure how to spell it cuz its a weird word) but its by Metallica

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