Blues Guitar Riff Lesson – Beginner Blues – Want to learn blues guitar? This blues guitar lesson video will show you how to play a sweet blues riff in no time at all.

Here are some of my favourite Metal riffs. Recorded through a line 6 pocket pod onto audacity. I was 15 when this video was recorded. Strings I used at this …
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29 thoughts on “Blues Guitar Riff Lesson – Beginner Blues

  1. This is a pretty good video and I’m looking forward to trying it out. Can I make one suggestion? If you could play the finished product at the beginning to show what’s it gonna look like? I’m a beginner and can’t look at the tab and determine how it’s going to sound. Kudos for putting the tab at the top! That helps a bunch.

    Looking forward to more!


  2. floor pod plus. pod xt. are still around and good if you have the sound card and play with it a little…used gear on guitarcenter is your friend…trust me

  3. DUDE how did you change effects so fas? line 6 pocket pod doesnt have a foot switch right?

  4. hey there just liked ur band on facebook, hmmm im planning to get line 6 pocket pod but i only have a laptop a sony vaio to be clear, do you think it will work fine? cheers in advance! 😀

  5. DUDE i strongly recommend getting a USB Input device for your computer then getting Peavey Revalver Software it gives you tones the match the peavey 6505+ and that amp is one of the great amps used by many bands

  6. Hey dude great video, i was wondering, how did you record this.. like how exactly did you.. i get confused over these things :3 thanks!

  7. Oh sorry, I didn’t read your question properly. I think they are still being sold. I bought mine off ebay so if you can’t find it in the shop then try looking there.

  8. The pocket pot was a great little device for me when starting off with direct recording, especially for it’s cheap price. I have since then upgraded but the pocket pod was good to start off with.

  9. can i still buy a pocket pod? arew they obsolete? anything u guys can recommend for under 200 or under 150 canadian? Anyone?

  10. ok i like those bands, but where are the classics ? metallica ? megadeth ? iron maiden ? slayer ? black sabbath ? judas priest ? c’mon man

  11. Go for something LTD or ESP if you have the money. I have a MH-350nt and it kicks ass. Check them out. Also if you don’t already get a decent amp, they will make a bigger difference than the guitar.

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