Blues Guitar Licks Ebook with 60 MP3 by Jean Marc Belkadi 3 Examples To play Blues like a Pro check my latest Blues EBook with 60 MP3 Tracks. I tought at Musicians Institute for 15 years before moving on coaching more than 30 Guitar and Movie star A list Celebs. I have 11 Musician Institutes Press Guitar Instructional CD/Sets on Amazon and all major distributors. Jean Marc Belkadi’s on ITUNES http
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all standard tunning Song: 1. Deep Purple – Smoke on the water 2. Metallica – One 3. Bloodhound Gang – Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo 4. The Offspring – the kids arent allright 5. Green Day – American Idiot 6. Blink 182 – First Date 7. Serj Tankian – Empty walls 8. Slipknot – Psychosocial 9. Bullet for my Vallentine – Scream aim fire
Video Rating: 3 / 5

26 thoughts on “Blues Guitar Licks Ebook with 60 MP3 by Jean Marc Belkadi 3 Examples

  1. haha yeah bro i know ^^
    that video sucks balls
    BUT im gonna record a lot more videos in the next dqays about metal riffs in EVERY tunning
    and i will try to speak to it !
    stay tuned 😉

  2. For real do’u call this an entertaining voice ?!? what happened to the real music ?!?………./Like if you agree.

  3. not bad i had some trouble understanding the music put up but after that i learned pretty fast thank yuo

  4. tomorrow i will get an new interface too my b-day
    than i will create a new lesson video ! 🙂

  5. thx dude 😉
    maybe i will create a new one for easy metal songs or rock songs when my guitar is repaired

  6. @TokioHotelHasser07
    Nice work man, U should do another one
    Sound is not too good but it’s
    keep up the good work 😀

  7. dunno why people are hating, i recently started learning and was looking for some tune to play other than come as you are, and now i have some. thank you!

  8. hey
    i have a similar vid on my channel
    check it pls:)
    i really liked the bloodhound gang:)

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