Blues Guitar Lessons – Blues Guitar Licks Lesson fender strat

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25 thoughts on “Blues Guitar Lessons – Blues Guitar Licks Lesson fender strat

  1. I would love it if you could make a video teaching me how to play Stone the Crow by Down.

  2. I’m pretty good at playing guitar and all, but I’m not too good at soloing. Do you think that you could do one of those electric rock solos by someone like Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, The Scorpions, Poison, Foghat, and so on… That would be really awesome because I can already play blues and the main intros to rock songs but not the solos. Thanks man, and I’ve learned a lot of songs from your videos.

  3. Hey, Marty. I’ve been learning a lot from you for about a month. I can play any song you dish out for acoustic, for the most part, but what I want is the more advanced electric guitar riffs. I know this is not likely a well known allusion, but Drake Bell. I want to play some stuff kind of like him. Just fun, rock out, powerful kind of riffs. I don’t know what kinda of style that is, but where would be the best place online to learn some of that kind of guitar technique?

  4. Yes! I managed to do it! Thanks Marty, that was an awesome lesson that even a beginner like me could understand and execute!
    Thanks man!

  5. @martyzsongs Where did you get the stratocaster with the lace sensors? I thought your white strat had regular Fender pick ups?

  6. What settings do you recommend on a blues junior for stuff like this? Please respond! :DDDDD

  7. wow normally i wouldnt have accepted any answer but thats good advice…so ya props to you

  8. you know theirs no shortcut to playing like someone… nail these blues lessons and you’ll play like jimi in no time. 

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