Beginner Riff – Songwriting – Guitar Riff Lesson – Creative Chords – Guitar Tricks

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I’m playing various Iron Maiden songs with my Jackson King V KV2 guitar and Line 6 amplifier (built-in Insane distortion mode). The guitar features an origin…
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35 thoughts on “Beginner Riff – Songwriting – Guitar Riff Lesson – Creative Chords – Guitar Tricks

  1. great lesson. really made what sounded to be ( and actually is) professional understandable to the learners!

  2. As always a great lesson Neal with some very useful ideas.
    BUT a moan – again the Tabs For This Lesson CANNOT Be Found at the Channel link because all we get is the message “You have reached a full access Section” and an advertising video for Guitar Tricks. All the older lesson links work again after you got them fixed last month so please fix this one and all future lessons! Thanks.

  3. I may be soon saving up for a KV2 and I had a question regarding the JB/Jazz set. I play anything inbetween Maiden and Death. Mostly Megadeth, Exodus, Tallica, and Slayer for the most part and I was wondering If (Asking you because you seem to be a pretty awesome and multi styled player with alot of expierience) if you think I should stick with the JB or go with something like a X2n. If anyone can shed some insight I would love it.

  4. Okay, go on, upload yourself playing all the songs in this video. I’ll post a video of me playing as soon as you do.

  5. oh, can i post this to my facebook? my friends would love this (yea, the ones from World of Warcraft! )

  6. “when ill feel like uploading some covers” – That’s never going to happen because you suck and cannot play for shit. Keep telling me you’ll upload a cover, you never will, nerd.

  7. oh god, then please add me or sub, when ill feel like uploading some covers youll at least know about it just to show how wrong you are

  8. I’d like to see you play guitar as well as this guy then if you can’t, go back to playing your troll warrior elf on World Of Warcraft. ‘Nough said, loser.

  9. Wow, I reckon it sounds GREAT, and this guy wouldn’t have 3 MILLION total upload views if he sounded like crap. You can go back to playing World of Warcraft now, idiot.

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