Bass Improvisation: Groovin’ Riffs & Licks How to play bass riffs and Licks Learn some basic techniques to successfully improvise over an established groove. This is a p…
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In this week’s guitar lesson, Hatch teaches us how to play the guitar riff for ZZ Top’s “La Grange”. Hope you enjoy it! Tell us what you think in the comment…
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25 thoughts on “Bass Improvisation: Groovin’ Riffs & Licks

  1. The fastest way to learn progressions is to play a lot of songs and compare the progressions to other songs that are similar. It eventually transitions from ear training to ear memorization. This will be covered in an upcoming lesson. Thanks for viewing.

  2. This video was designed to be a sample of what would be covered more in-depthly in our lesson series we intended to sell. Since then, we have decided to make all of the lessons free, and upload them to our YouTube channel. More specifics will come in the upcoming weeks’ lessons. Thanks for viewing. Please subscribe to our channel to view lessons as soon as they are available. Blessings.

  3. You didn’t give much concrete information. It’s as if a person logged on to learn math concepts on a math site and the person told them to pay attention, and listen to the teacher, and practice.

  4. They were taped off from a previous comical video we made about endorsements. Part of the joke was that even though there was tape over the names, the products are so popular that everyone can still tell what brands they are.

  5. I’ve got a question. Just something I immediately recognized. Why are the names of the keyboards taped off? I personally know what they are, but still curious to know why they’ve been taped off.

  6. That would be great so I should get my finger wounded trying to figure out what you are doing on the video…:-)M serious I will be one of the first to buy.
    I am all thrilled …
    all the best with blessing!

  7. Hi
    This is a great vid-I have been watching most of the stuff you produce on Youtube and it’s all great. I have had lots of books and learned different metods but …
    Just a quick question for you. Will you produce some material that we can order and use at home?
    Thanks brah

  8. i can usually think if a cool groove or to expand a groove, but i just cant find the right notes on my bass 🙁 im not good enought yet? ive been playing for 7 months

  9. the best thing to do is take time to know the changes because its also very important. But otherwise, one trick I used early on was staying at the root note and kinda groovin at the root (very indistinctively)

  10. the best thing to do is take time to know the changes because its also very important. But otherwise, one trick I used early on was staying at the root not and kinda groovin at the root (very indistinctively)

  11. A tad late but i am also a bass player who has trouble playing by ear. Now if you tell me what the key is in and say ” Go to the 6 back to the 4 8# 1b” and so on i understand. But is there any way that i can increase my knowledge in playing by ear? I would be most grateful if a reply was given.

  12. Sean Byrd is Amazing!!!!!!!!! and extermly solid in his musical concepts, every bass player can learn frm my big bro as I have… Thnx 4 this video Sean Bizzle

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