Air Knob (Trailer – Full Movie coming soon!)

In an air guitar war there are only LOSERS! Now tweetin” funny stuff on twitter @AirKnob Two neighbours, one a quiet, would-be folk guitarist, the other a brash wannabe headbanger, vie for air guitar supremacy in a take no prisoner battle in a sleepy suburban neighborhood.All the music is original and is played pitch perfect. This is no novice air guitar playing, this is the real deal! (7 1 HD, Comedy) Written by Nathan Fleet and Derek Dwyer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Air Knob (Trailer – Full Movie coming soon!)

  1. had broadcast distribution so I couldn’t post the whole thing. sometime this year will be online! I will let ya’ll know when it goes live! KNOB ON!

  2. saw the last minute of it on tv, under a wrong title, but shat myself laughing and had to find it.

  3. thanks! I knew it was being broadcast which is why there is only one minute here on YouTube. It’s a contract thing. Hopefully it will be online in the new year. Knob On!

  4. I changed channels, saw the back half of this full short, and was so confused, but laughing so hard. I immediately recorded what i managed to see and looked it up online. I hope you realize this on TV, I’m not sure if you put it there or not. Either way, you should put it on iTunes too.

  5. really glad that you liked it. It was a fun festival with many talented students. I liked your clever use of cellphone background music in Police Cop Chase

  6. One of my all time favorites.Truly enjoyed it as a videomaker and a guitar player. Fell off my chair laughing,,,

  7. and because i have never made a comment, i obviously commented twice because I have never done this before and didn’t think the first one went through. worth the double comment though.

  8. Just saw this one T.V.
    I have never made a post on youtube…ever. Never found anything worth commenting on. This is awesome. Big ups to you, Nathan Fleet!

  9. I have never made a comment on youtube.
    I just saw this on T.V, had to find it on youtube and to just say……this was wicked. Much respect to you Nathan Fleet! Well done.

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