50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know – #49 – Aleister

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: truefire.at More free guitar lessons: bit.ly Randy Rhodes left this world all too early, but not before setting the world on fire with the Oz-man in the early 80’s. From his archaic shaped Flying-V style Jacksons to his polka dot decor, Randy was an original through and through. This next lick delves into the concept of repetition as heard in Randy’s explosive entrance into his first solo on the Blizzard of Oz track, “Mr. Crowley” where he deflty lays down the lick of licks four times over before burning down the Dm pentatonic in 16th note triplets. The tension built by repeating that first lick is then released by the flurry that follows–listen and learn!
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24 thoughts on “50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know – #49 – Aleister

  1. Those are not quintuplets. That’s a dotted eighth, a sixteenth and three eighth triplets.

  2. I never figured what this was until I clicked on it by the way this guys doing it wrong randy keeps the scale till the low e and works his way back up and bends a bunch on the high e

  3. @nicolas201014 Thank you I couldn’t remember what it sounded like … Mr Crowley 😉

    But actually this lick is used by everybody x)

  4. @MrGuitarrica I can assure it was the same guy – me! The intros were shot on a different day and I wore a different shirt for each session ;P

  5. the initial notes of the riff are featured (repeated) in the latter parts of the dani california solo

  6. dude thats ur most played scale or lick u learn first time u ever learn a scale!! nd it will be of the pentatonic… this will make a beginers lick….. and you teaching it way later in ur program!!!! wow!!!! it shuld be the first lick ever learn titel,,,, i would think… not the 49 lick ,,more like the first lick … but yeah it is a Randy sound .. nice lick.

  7. that sounds like beezleboss by tenacious d the part check this riff is fucken tasty then he does that bend

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