50 Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know – Lick #45: What Was That? – Jeff McErlain

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: truefire.at More blues guitar lessons: bit.ly On Twitter – www.twitter.com On Faceboook – www.truefire.com One great way to give a tired lick a new lease on life is to swing the whammy bar around and use it to push notes into a pull-off. Everyone from the usual suspects (Satch, Vai, Eddie) to the not-so-usual (Bumblefoot, David Fiuczynski, Vernon Reid) have pushed and pulled their way through to some very cool sounding licks courtesy of this approach. Once mastered, you’ll quickly see how this idea will easily turn heads when executed correctly.
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25 thoughts on “50 Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know – Lick #45: What Was That? – Jeff McErlain

  1. @pumukellll
    You can purchase this complete lesson from the Mac App Store, for like 10 bucks. It’s well worth it. The licks are in no particular order, just 50 of them, all styles of blues, even some jazzier, swingier stuff. A few of these licks quickly found a place in my arsenal. I would definitely suggest buying it, pluse you get a looping backing track for each lick and tabs (if you need them)

  2. @pumukellll
    If you own a Mac go to the App store and purchase it. They are in no particular order, it’s just 50 licks and there are some real good ones, I purchased it, and a few of the licks quickly became standards in my arsenal.

  3. i cant find number 1 or anyting thats in the riight order, i really like the vids but i cant coordinate my search..

  4. “took me a few years to know what he was doing”………lol…….yeah thats hendrix

  5. C’mon man!!!! if you wanna teach somebody a lick or anything on a guitar, for crying out loud, stick to the rhythm of your metronome. That was totally out of whack, like playing two separate unrelated tracks together. I hate it! what a waste of youtube space!!!! sorry for being hush but im just honest!!

  6. Thanks for this vid. Been looking all over for a demo of that bend at 1:43. I hear Philip Sayce use that a lot, and although I could kinda tell what was going on, I couldn’t get the sound. Gonna practice this when i get home. Thanks again. Cool series.

  7. SRV & Hendrix were great but Johnny Winter was too.
    He dosent get the credit he deserves.
    Check out some of his stuff here on youtube and see if you agree.

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