5 Easy Blues Licks in C Major Pentatonic – Guitar lesson

In this lesson Rod shows you 5 easy blues guitar licks in C major. Visit http://www.RockJamGuitar.com for more lessons.

I was pretty bored in my dorm room and decided to record this cool riff i had just come up with. let me know what you think PRS Tremonti.

34 thoughts on “5 Easy Blues Licks in C Major Pentatonic – Guitar lesson

  1. anyone else think this guy sounds like the foreign guy from family guy? ” This one time I was going to bone my girlfriend but then she was like there was no way”

  2. I have been using RandomJammer’s tracks for ages. They’ve always been encouraging and supportive whenever i upload a video or have a question in relation to the blues. After reading the way you talk to others on your channel, i’m not surprised people react the way they do to you. You demean people as a way of trying to gain attention to your art. A true artist maintains a certain integrity in the way they converse with others, this is something you obviously need to work on.

  3. I like this guy way better than RandomJammer.
    RandomJammer is a no talent hack who gets his rocks off twanging his stupid guitar on youtube.
    He has the unmitigated gall to criticize my video art just because I told him what I think of his crappy guitar playing.
    Two of my videos, which you can watch on my site, were nominated at the Cannes film festival.
    Hes such a jerk.

  4. Really like the fills, but you have to watch out, because the rhythm and chords are the same as sweet home alabama

  5. nice riff! 😀

    you should make a whole song of it,
    it´s gonna be a great song, it will become huge!

  6. hey man i would first like to start by saying awesome, like you haven’t heard that before, is the guitar a gibson les paul vixen?

  7. yup, i’ve decided to go to school for music recording and production in madison (wisconsin’s capital).

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