3 Country Guitar Licks in “G”

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19 thoughts on “3 Country Guitar Licks in “G”

  1. This is awesome. An old vid with fewer views than it really deserves.

    On the bright side, other people wont recognize the licks when i do them. 😛

    Thank you for making it!

  2. Hey why did the cowboy get ona hill with a sheep..and stick its back legs in his boots…so it could.’nt get away !!!!!!

  3. Hey the video quit, After the first lick, what is that D lick, open D and G string, then Hammer one 2 fret, what????? Please answer. Thanks.

  4. SO whats with showing off your weights in the background? I mean really is it to make your vanity stick out more? Because it worked. Next video how about not having the weight decor in the background. It smells so much like I’m so into me. I didn’t even bother finishing the video felt sick. To much vanity in the world today ….John

  5. Great video lesson. Simple, sweet, sounds real good. I like your laid back approach. Where can I go for more of the same kind of sounds/lessons from you?

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