25 Riffs You Must Know – Riff 20 – How To Play Lead Guitar

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24 thoughts on “25 Riffs You Must Know – Riff 20 – How To Play Lead Guitar

  1. I liked it! Cool trick! I’m bumping into videos where it is just showing off with no explaination for us tards out here in “just learning land”. So thanks for taking the time to teach. Very cool trick!
    Scarface Johnny

  2. whats with so many dislikes? this could be used in soooo many improvs to create texture and a grabbing feeling like “HEY LISTEN TO MY DAMN SOLO!”

  3. I love the tele, but my favorite is the Gibson DG-335 dave grohls signature guitar.

  4. whats the red guitar on the far right hanging on the wall? is it a bc rich gunslinger?

  5. You ever heard of the song stairway to heaven? Listen to the solo and thn come back here and tell me his guitar sucks, if it did why did jimmy page use it?

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