25 thoughts on “100 Greatest Guitar Riffs Part 3

  1. well this idiot worked hours fixing the video because of 36 but the idiot did not worked in making better the list………what a genius!

  2. I haven’t seen the last part yet, but what I can see is that
    1. Quite a lot of bands have their songs grouped close together e.g. Iron Maiden in the first vid
    2. There are not very many not that famous bands included Saxon should have got Wheels Of Steel or Princess of the night.

  3. Wow dude, you’ve really gotta get out of realm and listen to more music…i.e. other than black sabbath, ozzy osbourne and deep purple. I will say your Parts 2 & 3 are at least better than your choice of 1 & 4. I don’t mean they were more talented or greater, I just mean you had some good choices of stuff. Whatever though, nice try.

  4. Why does “Enter Sandman” get higher placed than “Master Of Puppets”, it isn’t better!

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