100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs – one take

For the 100 song titles and artists, check out www.brodiecumming.com I plan to put together tab for the transpositions and adaptations used in the medley video and will post it on my web site. Send me an email with the subject TAB 100 riffs and Ill return it with a link when the tab is posted. Brodie@BrodieCumming.com This video was put together as a fun “stunt”, intended to give my guitar students some cool song ideas to work on and music to explore.

25 thoughts on “100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs – one take

  1. #38 wheres the cowbell lol? nice video it for sure showed me some songs i want to learn and just kinda forgot about.

  2. I was on your site and I saw you wrote the los lobos wrote La Bamba but It was written by Ritchie Valens.

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