24 thoughts on “10 Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs

  1. seriously Iron Man? I don’t understand why it’s always in top 10 it’s the most simple riff ever made and anyone could have come up with it

  2. i think you tube really enjoys fuck you youtube it messes with your pronounciation department in your head like fuck you you you you you aaaaa son of a bitch?

  3. it counts as entertainment, i think if you put a disclaimer in your video description clearly stating that you are infact making no money from it whatsoever and that you do not own the copyright in any shape or form that it is then legal for you to use said song

  4. What about “fair use”? Isn’t it perfectly fine to use copyrighted material if it is for the purposes of commentary, criticism, or parody? Doesn’t this compilation count as commentary?

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