25 thoughts on “Wonderwall chords easy guitar lesson

  1. THANK YOU! finally somebody who doesn’t play the song to themselves, expect you to follow exactly what they are doing, then calls it a lesson 😛 this was really helpful!

  2. u could of just told us the name of the choreds :I but aprt from that thanks it was really helpfull 🙂

  3. Some guitar teacher. This song requires a capo on the second fret and it shows you that in the original music video.

  4. I still can’t play this song 🙁 I keep trying and trying but I find it hard to move my fingers into the right position. 🙁

  5. plugfather . com has some great lessons also, as well as an awesome javascript guitar tuner!

  6. thanks! I’m teaching myself guitar and this was great but I think it needs tuning and my fingers are KILLING ME!! ;D

  7. this video is amazing and i thank you. I NEVER understand guitar vids and you pitched this perfectly.

  8. I’d consider myself an intermediate player and I really like your lesson because when I was first learning how to play I couldn’t find a lesson that explained absolutely everything to me like you do. I wish I would’ve found you earlier!! Great great lesson; I love this song!

  9. Man ure a fucking dumbass!! We are not retards here!!! Fucking idiots just play it and dont talk!

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