25 thoughts on “Wimbledon School of Guitar Jam Session 17.09.2011

  1. u make good sense with the idea u express could u give a smoother more melodic and less choppy i like what ur idea is hopeing for cruising not bruising thanks

  2. Thanks Papastache! This is a great lesson — this is the kinda thing I’ve been waiting for on YouTube.

  3. Hey, do you guys think you could do a video on soloing in the style of Synyster Gates? I’d really appreciate it if you could!

  4. Nice tutorial. I kept getting distracted by your T-shirt though…what the heck is that an image of…just a tree with birds or is there some other hidden image?

  5. You really have a great teaching skill as well. I really like your detailed break downs of your soloing. Thank you. Damn, love the amps and guitar too. damn.

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