Tuning Guitar(Standard Tuning and for both Aco. and Ele.

Here’s an Improved tuning video!!! ­čÖé www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE!! ­čÖé Any different tuning you would all like? Subscribe, and what gets the most demand, I’ll upload! E: 0:03 A: 0:47 D: 1:25 G: 2:04 B: 2:42 e: 3:12 Are you upset that every CD that has a tuning track for guitars that only plays each string only like three times? If you don’t have a guitar tuner or anything like that, try this. This plays every string nine times so you have more time to tune each string on the guitar.(for electric and acoustic) I made this for you. ­čÖé thank you!

Just my favorite spanish guitar music..

48 thoughts on “Tuning Guitar(Standard Tuning and for both Aco. and Ele.

  1. well its not hard to realize that many people require assistance to tune their guitars, especially when in doubt. Unless someone else comes with a “better” version (highly unlikely as this is adequate enough), it´╗┐ will continue to climb well over 15 million views, in my honest opinion.

  2. Yeahh lol When I can tell my guitar is a little out of tune, I might try to´╗┐ tune (which i can) but this video is always available when im lazy ­čśŤ

  3. This really helped :)! Ive been looking on the internet´╗┐ for ages trying to find a tuner and this worked! thanks

  4. Anyone´╗┐ else see standard deviation and standard poodle when you search for this? lol

  5. lol been playin for years and still use this to tune the E…probably´╗┐ like 500 views are mine or even more…glad u did this ha

  6. If I didn’t have this video´╗┐ as a backup I’d go insane I’m obsessed with tuning ­čśŤ

  7. 944 people does not know the tone order´╗┐ its EBGDAE..from the 1st(thinest string)

  8. I just snapped my e string!!! Looks like im going to Guitar Center and´╗┐ getting a god damn tuner.


    76 people need to clean THEIR´╗┐ ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So many commentators on this site need to understand that as humans , we are all different, what is beautiful to one, is obnoxious to another, if you love it ,listen & maybe, praise, if you don’t like it , just quietly go away & listen to another´╗┐ artist, without caustic comment ….

  11. i go to market and say give me 74 condoms she ask me way i need 74 condoms and i say to fuck 74 people in the ears who dislike!!!! :)serbia loves´╗┐ this music!

  12. w.w.w (dot) youtube-mp3 (dot) org …copy the url of this video onto that site´╗┐ and download and save the file.

  13. Fantastic track, this will go into my playlist for the car and office…. Keep up the good´╗┐ work.

  14. hi. i have a question. can i have this song for a horse sale film? it is a sale film about wonderful spanish´╗┐ horses and this song is very beautiful. i can write under the´╗┐ film, this song is from Fereniki7 on youtube.
    it would be very happy. ­čÖé

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