Tosin Abasi – 8 String Guitar

In his first lesson with, Tosin discusses the 8 string guitar. He talks playing, setup and stylistic approach to what he considers “a guitar with lots of strings.” For Tosin’s entire artist series, visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Tosin Abasi – 8 String Guitar

  1. I respect Tosin for actually using the extra strings to play melodic and percussive things and not just chug riffs so low in pitch only elephants could hear them. which is what I would do with an 8 string haha

  2. A) This isn’t Tosin’s channel…

    B) I don’t think Tosin has time to sift through comments…

  3. Tosin, you have to customise your settings man to where you have to approve the comments to avoid comments with no relevance to the good music you’re playing! These people make disgusting comments not thinking what it looks like on you!

  4. I would disagree, the bass has the job of holding down the rhythm with the drums as well as the melodic aspect. thats why although animals as leaders dont have a bassist with them live, they do have bass in their recordings, having bass makes the music fuller. but i do see your point

  5. Can’t tell if you’re an inspiration or make me want to burn my guitar and never play again.

  6. where the hell does this guy get his clothes. every time i see this guy he looks fresh out of a magazine cover. T.R.A.M. at 5:01 🙂

  7. And then ChaotH of UneXpect emerges from the shadows with his 9-string bass, to avenge his fallen comrades.

  8. i thought this was gonna suck…..this guy makes an excellent presentation of what people are doing with 8 strings…… everyone Ive ever seen play one live, just plays the bottom 6 strings….im now interested in 7s and 8s

  9. Hey guys, what do you call a guitar player who plays bass on their guitar? 😀

    Yeap, i got nothing 🙁

  10. i could never do a barré through all these strings, just physically impossible with my little fingers xD

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