(Titanic) My Heart Will Go On + TAB

TAB: www.mediafire.com Standard Tuning TAB: www.box.com VIDEO LESSON: www.youtube.com “My Heart Will Go On” Arranged by southwind193812 12/24/2010 50000 views! Thanks for the early Christmas present haha

25 thoughts on “(Titanic) My Heart Will Go On + TAB

  1. hey man what model guitar are you using in this video…? Great Job by the way…:)

  2. Have any of the Sungha fans (myself included) ever recieved a response from him personally or a tab? Please let me know if you did.

    This gentleman posts tabs that can allow you to play like Sungha if you want to, and it’s FREE!!!!!! Do you really want to knit pick over meaningless drivel?

    So, post a better video response or show a tutorial tab posted personally by Sungha that makes an effort to help out your playing, or just GET OVER YOURSELVES!

  3. How about all the critics on this comments page give this man credit for all the hard work he has done showing YOU how to play these songs with tutorial videos and tabs?

    This guy responded to me personally when I couldn’t get the tabs link to work, and personally emailed a workable link so I could print them. I don’t recall Sungha ever posting tutorial videos (never even got a thank you for the compliments, come to think of it…)other ppl do it because he’s too busy and can’t be bothered.

  4. Sungha yung, paddy sun, and now this guy, lads, these cuflinks are kicking the shit outa rock n rol, we all gota practise

  5. can you please cover an tutorial of that song if it is just fine to you because ..i want to learn that song..:))
    your so good..:))))

  6. after really attacking the verse i think i got it a little better….how was he helpful to you?

  7. no i use the link that says standard tuning…….im really getting frustrated because i got the intro down perfectly but the verse is killing me because it isnt seeming to match up and i cant get the rhythm down right or something AH!!!!

  8. SimplyLuo, You should come to Oklahoma. My friend’s, I love them to death, but they don’t look at music as I do and say music is music. Plz teach them a lesson in what music is! xD I’m a fellow guitarist of 6 yrs but nothing close to what you are talented of! Ty for this cover!

    WAIT! You ain’t Sungha Jung!?
    I feel so relaxed… I got an eargasm 😀

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