Time Makes Two – Robert Cray

Robert Cray live at the crossroads guitar festival… EDIT: Check out the video response for a higher resolution version of the video. Yeah.. it’s the price I pay for having uploaded this a long time ago.. Youtube wasn’t made for having high quality videos.

21 thoughts on “Time Makes Two – Robert Cray

  1. What a terrible comment to put at the end of this video. While getting an education is important no doubt, any artist will tell you that if you believe in your talent and your willing to work hard without relent, you better God Damn take a shot at it. Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t try anything. Think of all of the artists, if they had taken this comment to heart at the end of this video, would never have made it. Life is too short to listen to limited thinkers like this.

  2. Is it just my poor eye sight or did his guitar turn from sun burst to purple at the end , bloody weird!!

  3. John Mayer is a cocksucker. I couldn’t agree more. He’s a celebrity, not a dedicated musician. There is a major difference between him and Joe Bonamassa. They may be the same age and who knows, maybe they’ve been playing guitar for the same amount of time. Joe loves the blues and he’ll stop at nothing to record his own music and have success in the music industry. He just keeps getting better and better. All Mayer wants to do is write teenage heartbreaker pop tunes for his image as an artist.

  4. John Mayer is a real idiot. The people he mentions are mainstream guitar players and artists who get played on the radio. I never needed someone to SHOW me Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn or Robert Cray. They fell into my goddamn lap. When I went further than the blues rock they played on the radio, that’s when I needed the guidance.

  5. Such a sad song. And he plays it with such a feel even his guitar turns blue at the end…

  6. At the beginning of the song, the first notes melody reminds me of some other music, but i cant remember its name or artist 🙁

  7. I like BB King plays guitar, but also did not know about this character the blues Robert Cray, as much as I like playing in this song and thanks for answering my comment Friend

  8. Love this song more now than I did when I first heard it over 4 years ago! True music never dies!

  9. The three notes at 5:31 hit me deep, absolute artistry and connection to his audience through his instrument. bravo!

  10. I guess the video has been cut, and they put the applause of the end of the concert at the end of this song.

  11. I saw Robert Cray at the Belly Up last night. He finished up with Time Makes Two. A great tune, a great show and a great performer. Thanks!!

  12. W A R N I N G !!

    Not suitable for people with heart disease…

    SOooooOOoooulful indeed !

  13. Simply awesome. Do wonder how his strat changes from a burst to a blue by the time he hits the last note and leaves the stage?????

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