24 thoughts on “Thunderstruck – Igor Presnyakov

  1. После 80-го года все америкосы думают что Россия без водки никуда. Печально все это…

  2. Igor’s a love hungry man with big balls who just keep on breaking the rules! He shook the guitar all night long! He’s like: Are you ready? Let’s make it and all the guitar could do was to ride on and enjoy the beating around the strings! It may seem like a touch to much, but when Igor put the finger on you, anything goes! The guitar was spellbound while Igor kept on rocking all the way! The guitar’s sure been thunderstruck! And btw… Don’t be a squealer, but the guitar… She’s got the Jack!

  3. Hello Igor, my name is Leon Barnardt i’ve been listening to you for 3 years now and i started playing fingerstyle guitar about 2 and a half years ago, please Igor’s fans give this comment a thumbs up so Igor and his fans can see my video where i won my school’s talent show where i played Bruno mars Grenade, Thanks so much guys for helping make my dream come true

  4. Great version of Thunderstuck 🙂
    have you spent any time in Aus? or just an ACDC fan??
    Either way, nice job 😀

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