25 thoughts on “The Worlds Best Acoustic Guitar Cover Songs

  1. ha….noobi nailed it. the moment you said “I want to.show you what I can
    play”, I knew you were just another American Idol wantta be statement – “I
    AM the next AI” ( because you’re mother told you). God bless her because
    she is an optimist, and you too.

  2. I really dislike guitarists like this. Like yeah you can play 472395739478
    notes a minute and that’s cool but speed doesn’t make good music, like that
    warm up just sounded like you were playing all dead notes.

  3. Ребят, как называется вторая песня, которую он играет после того, как
    хрустит пальцами?) 0:54

  4. well done dude, but your warming up way just priceless XD that crunch sound
    is justttt a …. seems like it helped lol

  5. That wasn’t variety almost every song you played was by blink 182.. And I
    agree with that guy that said fast notes don’t make good music, I could
    play half the speed you played and sound 10x better

  6. Wow you took the time to learn just part of loads of songs …. Then forgot
    to learn to play the guitar…. U must be so proud …… Unlike your
    parents ….. Learn one song well …. Or at least well enough to play it
    in the right tempo ……God help you when you des over finger style

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