The Beatles. Signature Riffs. Guitar Lesson. Frank Falvo

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16 thoughts on “The Beatles. Signature Riffs. Guitar Lesson. Frank Falvo

  1. Thanks, man. You have no idea how greatfull I am to have someone who takes the time to show me the greatest songs ever written.
    Thanks a million

  2. Giday mate. What you are doing is very basic and absolutely perfect for beginners and people who are a bit more advanced and there are heaps of them around. You are teaching them stuff that is basic to play but sounds good and allows there interest and keeness to continue. You also teach in a very open and friendly way . Keep up the good work

  3. Thank’s Frank, now how about I Will from the Beatles. I really would like you to show me how to play it. Can’t find it anywhere.
    Alan In Rochester,N,Y.

  4. Love the videos. Every Saturday a cup of coffee my 6 string Alvarez and BIG FRANK.. Thanks buddy.

  5. I got excited when I saw the title of your video, and you didn’t disappoint. Now you are making me need to buy a cutaway acoustic to reach the 14th and 16th fret. LOL! Thanks Frank.

  6. thanks a lot frank,youd need 5 beers if u were in adelaide, its scorching here. haha

  7. Great lesson and I must thank you, I learned to play that riff on the bass strings when I played bass guitar in a band and never gave it a thought to playing it on the upper string.

    And on another note I must admit even though I play guitar I look forward to your videos because no matter how much this ole dog feels he knows you teach him a new trick every time.

    Take care


  8. Thanks Frank – No coffee, must be warming up down under … Not like here!

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