Super Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Song – American Woman – Main Riff –

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50 thoughts on “Super Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Song – American Woman – Main Riff –

  1. Hé Marty!
    What way do I have to adjust my Fender Mustang II to get the same sound as you?

  2. u dont know how to play power chords!!!!!!!!! i nearly fell off my seat reading that!!!!

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    Post this in every video and let’s start a revolution!

  4. so watch another goddamn video about how to play power cords jesus
    …the guy makes a video out of the goodness of his heart and you bitch about it because you don’t know how to play power cords

  5. hahaha It’s just power cords, Start off with an easy song like scars on broadway- they say easiest song EVER! guaranteed!

  6. You play this now with only your 1st finger right? If you want to play it with power chords, just add your third finger on the next string below, two frets higer and strum both strings.

  7. So I just started guitar and I have a guitar without things on side (sorry don’t know name) I just have a normal guitar could I still get this sound and play it I know he actuly uses it

  8. I was thinking that my self what I do Im a begginer so for a bigger I just bar notes and make em double it doesnt sound as good as the power chords but for a beginner

  9. he assumed you saw his power chord lesson or wanted to make it simple and said these two fingers

  10. Here are the instructions summarized:
    1- Play the first few notes of the intro
    2- Play the rest of the fucking song

  11. I really liked this lesson, I picked up quick and I really like that you played it in full time quite a few times. To the people who were lost when power cords came into play, I would suggest you go even more basic and learn some basic tables. Or just find out the definition of power cords and put the two together.

  12. just follow your first finger with your 3rd finger 2 frets up on the lower string and strum them both at the same time.

  13. Oh Marty , i’m living a dream, i don’t believe i can play that song now, thank you so much for the way you teach guitar playing

  14. Even though I don’t have a Guitar. Seeing someone else play warms my heart to the point where I would just love to have even a short moment where I could hold up a Guitar and strum it. You sir, have inspired me to to peruse want I’ve been longing to do for so many years but put it aside. 🙂

  15. no its standart tuning.. you can also play with capo on 1st fret and chords D Dma7 D7 Dmaj7

  16. The strumming pattern for each note in the beggining is: DDD DUDDD….But I most reccomend just listening to the song and using whatever feels best

  17. Hihi, the thing at the top of the guitar is a capo 🙂 “A capo is a clip like device that is placed on the frets of a guitar to change the key signature.” You can look up the net for more information. Sorry and hope this helps!

  18. What’s that thing at the top of the guitar? It’s black. Do you need that? And what is it exactly for?

  19. The opening kind of sounds like George Harrisons “Something” .I know thats played on the 9th ( or 12th? ) fret but I can hear it in the opening chords. Either that or the drugs haven’t worn off yet.

  20. Great vid as usual..and like the little shtick after the first few chords.
    Check out Kiss Me by Janet Devlin ,a Uk X Factor finalist. Not your run of the mill X factor schlock.This girl is talented.
    Thanks for this video helped enourmously.

  21. True this is the best video to learn from. Every song I have tried to find, Marty comes up lol. I think the strumming is verse – DUD DD UDUD UDD Refrain – DDDD UUUDUDU. Please adjust if I’m wrong

  22. damn dude thank you so much!!! an excellent video, but could you please, say the strumming like up down etc… cuz it”s hard for all the super guitar noobs like me to follow the rhythm =) but the rest is more than excellent.

  23. even in slow motion it seems fast lol. This dude is a legend and a Jack Black double. LEGEND!

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