Slow Blues Guitar Backing Track in A

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Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters gives a private lesson/interview, discussing “The Pretender” and “Rope.” From the March 2011 issue of Guitar World Magazine.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “Slow Blues Guitar Backing Track in A

  1. I couldn’t play with this backing track because the audio quality is so terrible I got mad before I could even get in the mood

  2. Had a ton of fun playing along to this, I’m not a soloing master by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s fun to just go off and explore the fretboard. Adrenaline gets going and you can surprise yourself, very fun! 🙂 Started out on the neck pickup and then switched over the bridge pickup – no need to pick and choose! Rock on everybody, cheers.

  3. I don’t do Blues tracks too much anymore, but this one… shit, it never fails to rape my face.

  4. Hey guys I have jamed this about 1,000 times 🙂 but can anyone keep up with my video response lol

  5. @Kingddd333 May limit learning ability, but i’m pretty sure guitarists like Billy Corgan and Dave Grohl who have had huge success with the Smashing Pumpkins and The Foo Fighters aren’t struggling. Learning yourself actually expands your thinking a bit more as you don’t focus on specific scales etc. As well as this it is very satisfying when you actually learn things on your own, it takes longer but you work your own way of doing things which may or may not sound good.

  6. @Stephenplaysmusic Not for brag reasons. I do take lessons, not taking lessons impairs actually learning how to play. I am still learning music theory, I just don’t like using it like mad in song writing, I just like to put in what plays in my head, and what sounds good.

  7. @Kingddd333 don’t limit your ability or potential for the sake of “I never took lessons, I cant read/write music, I don’t know anything about it” type of bragging rights. Its not worth it.

  8. as much as i love dave grohl to death, people need to stop worshiping him like he’s the greatest singer/guitarist/drummer of all time. great drummer, one of my favorites in modern times, but he isn’t the almighty songwriter that everyone’s been obsessing about since wasting light came out.

  9. And it’s that easy, kids. Pfff! What really burns my wig is that they write a lot of these tunes DURING the recording sessions, play them down a few times, and then put it to tape (literally, 2″ tape).

  10. It seems as though every guitar player I like cannot read music and knows very little about music theory, at least for the earlier parts of their career, which, often times, is my favorite part of their career

  11. @hoiaxel Cobain always played kind of sloppy to get that grunge sound, but i saw a show on tv talking about his early life, he played guitar from his very early teens up until his death, so id assume he was much more capable with the instrument than most people think.

  12. @BulletFrenzy543 I Tottaly Agree man.
    I feel the same about Kurt Cobain in that regard. Not a Super Amazing Guitar Player but an Amazing Song Writer 🙂

  13. This helps a lot for rope… every damn tab version of this is different, I’ve been wondering which is right

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