25 thoughts on “Slash – Solo Knocking On Heaven’s Door – How to play the first Solo –

  1. i just wanna know if you could teach the solo of bon jovi and pavaroti(let it rain) in the intro. Thanks

  2. You good but stop tuning your guitar down!!!! Nobody wants to spend time tuning and runing the strings

  3. can anybody PLEASE tell me how to get the way his les paul sounds?? i turned the rhythm pickup to max but i just can’t get it to sound like marty can><

  4. And thus he demonstrates the difference between his freaking awesome Les Paul and my piece o’ crap Squier Bullet…..god I need a good solid-body.

  5. @sewallm60 Hey, fuck you, douchebag. Go away and bother someone else. We haven’t the time for pathetic trolls such as you.
    Good job, Marty. Well done.

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