Skyrim – Sons of Skyrim Classical Guitar

My arrangement of the Skyrim theme! The volume’s pretty low, so you may want to turn it up a bit, at 2.40 especially. Watch in HD for better audio! The tab: Mp3: Difficulty: Challenging, but fun. There’s key changes, time signature changes, mood shifts, tempo changes and a big strumming section! Facebook:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Skyrim – Sons of Skyrim Classical Guitar

  1. A classical guitar is similar to an acoustic guitar in that it is loud enough to be played without external amplification. Where the electric uses a pickup and amp etc, the acoustic can solely rely on it’s soundhole and wood to achieve a decent volume. The classical guitar has less volume than the acoustic, partly due to the different string material. There is overall less tension in the classical guitar, but it is still much louder than an unplugged electric.

  2. Thank you for the tabs im learning it right now and the only trouble im having is the chords i sucks at cords

  3. Please Harry, make a Tutorial video on this!!! You’d help me unlock a life acheivement: “Play Sons of Skyrim” on Hard.


  4. Would it be possible to do a tutorial on this, even in a few parts, because even with the tab, it’s still quite hard to do it if you don’t have the technique.
    Thanks and keep up the good work 😉

  5. I don’t usually ask much from anybody but can you play the theme song from mgs4 I think its called old snake

  6. @Awe – it will take you about 1 year to do that right there lol but that was pretty badass sir ✌ awesome

  7. Oh so epic, your arrangements have some kind of… soul, that’s your soul i think. Just… thank you 😉

  8. hi i just got my first classic guitar yeterday…how long dose it take to play like this? years? 5 mounts? ???
    btw: LOVE IIIITTT man!

  9. ha great never seen anyone use their thumb on the fret board like that before im going to go try it !!

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