Ronald Jenkees – Guitar Sound

download the MP3: **this tune is on my new CD, Disorganized Fun. I named it Guitar Sound. just havin some fun with a guitar sound (Hard Ramp AS1&2) on the Motif XS8. Some have asked about the “low notes” that come out when I hit those two keys up top – those are guitar effects built in the patch and for whatever reason, Yamaha put those effects on the high keys. I made the background beat using FL Studio. I start the beat by hitting the space-bar on my computer keyboard before I play on the synth. PS. I’ve read some reviews of this vid as if I’m trying to be a “keytar” player (apparently not a desirable thing, but how can you not like Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein”) and that I should just play a real guitar. LOL @ some of those same people who probably play guitar hero (nothing against it but hopefully you see my point)! The irony! The point is, folks, if you find a fun/inspiring sound to jam with, by all means, you should JAM WITH IT! I don’t care if you find a .00 plastic trumpet. Don’t worry about the technicalities and what people say. In the long run it’s about the fun that YOU have making music. Thanks for watching!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Ronald Jenkees – Guitar Sound

  1. I’m supposed to be going to see the new spider man….. but I cant walk away, that takes true talent.

  2. If you go to his website he does have a blog which was last updated in april 2012 so obviously a lot more recent and has some samples of work which is going onto his third album, no ETA atm though

    looking forward to it nevertheless, hope that helps

  3. Very cool…. as long as it rocks, it rocks. Screw the “hardcore anti-whatever they don’t like” people and stick with what you like. I love playing the guitar.. bass.. drums.. everything except singing.. unfortunately I just wasn’t born with that ability or the ability to be good at it. Either way, keep on rocking man.

  4. I’ll admit when I saw the first 3 seconds I thought ‘wtf’ but it turns out I’m a retard for judging a book by it’s cover, absolutely blown away, unreal stuff :]

  5. Bdouble0 seent me here! This is so awesome :O reminds me of Donkey Kong 2 for Super Nintendo.. like some epic version of the game music 🙂

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