Rodrigo y Gabriela- Santo Domingo

Rodrigo y Gabriela play Santo Domingo from 11:11
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Download this episodes Video, mp3, pdf and Guitar Pro TAB here or all 6 episodes in one batch here By popular demand I’m starting a series of slap bass lessons covering the basic techniques. This lesson will cover basic slap with the thumb, ghosted notes, muting, hammerons and plucking/popping.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “Rodrigo y Gabriela- Santo Domingo

  1. James Hetfield (of Metallica – for the few on the planet who don’t know who he is) is said to have one of the most enviable right hand techniques for a guitar player. I say Mr. Hetfield has nothing on this woman. I’m surprised her right arm doesn’t look like Popeye. I play a little (very little) flamenco style guitar and my arm starts to fall off after 5 minutes.

  2. @MrSntna Just different roles to fill in the duet. she plays the typical insane rhythm parts that come with good Spanish guitar styles, and he has the less crazy lead parts. Regardless, they both are excellent at their individual niches, and compliment each other perfectly!

  3. The intensity and passion we can hear from the music they create, is a direct result of all that sexual tension between the two of them.

  4. Esta música es simplemente hermosa, me llena de energía y buen animo cada vez que la escucho. No deja de sorprenderme la perfección con que tocan. Estos muchachos son maravillosos y son !Orgullosamente Mexicanos!

  5. I agree mouse they do tours NON STOP it seems, they need a bloody long holiday, am pretty sure they deserve it

  6. I watched this on DVD and thought how tired they both looked, especially Gabriella. If you watch the whole of the DVD you can tell they really needed a holiday. Their record company seems to get them touring relentlessly but I’m sure all their fans don’t want to see them worked into the ground. I’d heard that Gabriella had to go into hospital with exhaustion and tendonitis or something similar. Does anyone know anything about this? I hope she’s fully recovered now.  They’re both superb.

  7. une merveille qui ressource la musique c’est la vie je vous adore, vous etes pures, je ne peux me lasser de vous ecouter lorsque je suis ennercé sa me ressource et je partage de merveilleux moments avec des amis qui apprennent a vous connaitre et apprécier sans moderation

  8. Brilliant comping, dont believe any famous metal or rock guitarrist can do that. Weird how real talent dont get credit enough. Comping comes lot with natural talent not by learning like picking can be.

  9. I’m fairly new to playing the bass but I’ve always wanted to learn slap 😀 Thanks for this lesson and especially for making me realize that the pluck is easier to do with the index finger rather than the middle.

  10. I noticed you hit the string with your thumb on the fretboard. Would it make a difference if you hit the string more toward the bridge (off the fretboard)? Is it better to hit the string on the fretboard?

  11. I love the way you play funky style Im a beginner desperate to be able to pop and slap the bass thanks for the inspiration and guidance danka G man

  12. i have a quest.
    i currently play an electric..
    i have a line 6 spider iv amp..
    i am going to buy a bass soon, do i also need to buy a bass amp? or spider iv would work??

  13. Dude I just love your videos and I always learn very much with them, but I have one question: are you french? Because your accent sounds a bit mixed for me: half english and half french …

  14. ive always wanted to do slap bass but, when ever i slap my bass it sounds like someone is tapping on a microphone, why is that??

  15. I’ve been playing bass for about a year and a half now and I’ve just started to play slap, this has helped a bit 🙂

  16. Er temmelig sikker på, at du er dansker :o) Udemærket og dybdegående undervisning. Jeg spiller selv, og underviser i guitar (speedmetal) men har altid været fascineret af bassen. Lækkert instrument.
    God undervisning. Well done :o)

  17. Marlowe i love the basss i really do could you sugest some must hear music for me to listen to and learn from please i try and listen to all kinds of music but there so much just dont know where to start any help would be greatly apreciated also how are you so funk’n cool god i love your style


  18. You say thank you at the end of the video as if we are helping you out, we should be saying thank you!!
    Thank you.

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