Rodrigo y Gabriela- Hora Zero

Rodrigo y Gabriela play Hora Zero from 11:11
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www.creativeguitarstudio.comAndrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question… Q: I would like to ask you how to set up amplifiers for different purposes. I use a Fender Stratocaster and an Epiphone hollow body electric guitar I use a Fender Deluxe 50 Watts all tube amp. I also have a Line 6 POD which I use for effects. Can you explain to me how to approach setting my amp bass, treble, middle, presence, master levels. 1). In order to get a clean bright jazzy sound like George Benson, or Wes Montgomery with my Epiphone? 2). To get a clean country style rhythm sound with my Stratocaster? 3). To get a distorted or overdrive sound for a guitar solo similar to; for example Foreigner, or David Gilmore? 4). Also would be interested in other sounds such as metal. – Thanks, David, Queens NY. A: Pursuing sounds between; amps, guitars and effects units can be a long and often frustrating journey. And, just when you think you’ve got that perfect sound at home… You’ll get to the gig and your amp could mysteriously sound terrible. In this video I will discuss various common settings for; Country, Jazz, Rock and Metal. The complete lesson article for this video will be available on the Creative Guitar Studio website shortly. Follow me on Twitter for lesson posting announcements: ____________________________________ Andrew’s Official Q & A Guitar Blog Website: Andrew’s “Video GuitarBlog” YouTube Channel The Creative
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Rodrigo y Gabriela- Hora Zero

  1. flamenco style needs regular stretching and exercising of fingers. not to mention wrist endurance

  2. Les trois accords à partir de 5min07 son excellent quel touché!!!!!!!!!! MOUHAAAA JKIFF!!!!!!

  3. Ill give you a really good site:

    other artists are kaki king, gypsy kings, john butler or else 😉

  4. Anybody know what type of music style this is? What other guitar players play like this?

  5. As much of a fan I am of Gabriela’s right hand technique, Rodrigo’s speed is realli amazing. I bought their sheet music and its 6 beats per second guys. craaazy

  6. nah I dont know them, I’ve just read interviews where they were here in Mexico (they’re mexican, in case you didn’t know) and they said its awkward for them when people ask them for the millionth time if theyre boyfriend and girlfriend 😀

  7. oh shit you know them? its an honor. *bows down* , and damn lol. they sure seem like they could be but eh. together they are the light!

  8. You’re in a difficult place being in an apartment. It’s hard to crank it without your neighbors being really pissed at you… Years ago when I was just starting out, and I didn’t have a recording studio of my own, I used a Line 6 POD. I quite liked it’s direct line in signal. I made a lot of demo’s and did a lot of work with that unit. The newest unit they sell nowadays is the; “Line 6 2.0 POD.” I don’t own one, but from what I hear – they’re really nice! – Andrew

  9. Hello and thank you for the tutorial Andrew, I’ve got the same amp as you do, but I have problems with it in the sense that is way way too loud for my apartment, I’ve tried to come around the problem by building a volume box and placed it into the effects loop and in that way control the volume making it less hot. But I do not know what kinda effect that will have on the amp, or if I might destroying the amp from using it in that way. I can’t afford an attenuator .. any thoughts about this?

  10. Lucid explanation, great tone, and a guitar in tune! Peavey SS is very good. For tonal exploration, I often select one pickup, then fully adjust all tones to zero. Run the amp’s bass higher in gradual steps, then back down, do the same with mid and then treble. Then experiment with combinations: 2 tone knobs flat, sweep the other from zero to 10 in steps. It takes some time, but once you’ve understood the interaction of the tone controls, you’ll find the sound you need for any style. Thanks A.W.

  11. Dude got the same problem, but I think line 6 is a good amp for a solid state it’s clean and sterile for recording, but If you want a good amp setup (I tried this), get a fender deluxe and a pod this really warms the models up and still maintains a good analog sound. my 2 cents, the fender by itself is a good clean and vintage distortion tube amp, but that pod made that thing sound so good using the mesa model, it’s almost comparable to a real mesa.

  12. I personally cannot stand the sound of Line 6 amps. Completely synthetic, no warmth, and they do not cut through the mix on a stage. Peavey has a few good amps, and a few bad ones as well. If you’re a metal guitarist, I suggest a Mesa-Boogie Triple Rec. They’ll cut through any mix. If you’re more of a classic rocker, get a Marshal. If you play the blues, a Fender Twin.

  13. you must be tripping badly… how the hell could a spider VALVE outdo a peavey 5150? the 5150 is a fucking legend…”i wonder why”

  14. Spider valve outdoes the 5150 IMO once you test it out and dial in a tone. The amp might have a digital preamp but the true tone out of most amplifiers lies in the tube power amp. The power amp is where a lot of the tube magic happens and the sweet harmonics and organic distortion comes from the tubes.

  15. dude. get yourself the real deal. buy a peavey triple x or a peavey 5150 120watts head and get a good marshall 1960 a lead cab or the stock cab and you will find youself playing even more guitar. it does cost, but it is worth it :D

  16. question: is it possible to make these sounds on a 20W amp? i have a 20w amp and am wondering.

    have tried several different things, although, i only have gain, treble, bass and midrange dials. please help. 🙂

  17. i have a crappy guitar amp and the only things are a over drive channel low mid high volume and a presence knob… how do i get a nice sound for dirty blues and clean blues???

  18. solid state amps have a harsh sound. try tube amps. for your style, i think a peavey would do you good.

  19. Everyone has said it, but it’s as true for me as for them: very helpful and well made video. Congrats on 20K

  20. Love the vid but I think that metal tone is misleading. Metal guitar tones tend to be actually quite thin and is thickend up by the bass guitar. Having a tone that thick will muddy up in the section. But thsi is good stuff. 🙂

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