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  1. That skill I was talking about is called “tremolo picking” btw.

    also, you need to play actual SONGS, not just metal songs, you need to play chord-based songs with changing chord shapes other than power-chords, song that use arpeggios, string skipping ect. all skills you will need to play songs like Aaron Dugan. It will take some time, but if you want it you will work at it!

    To answer your other question, Dugan uses delay pedals, reverb pedals, and in this video in the beginning, a wah pedal.

  2. If you want to play fast, the easiest way is the play heavy metal. alot of metal, specifically metalcore, uses what’s called a pedal note, usually using the open E string.

    When I was learning, I would play alot of Amon Amarth, a band that will take a melody and tremolo pick like Aaron is doing in part of that riff from 2:18 on.

    Also, the riffs in Heavy Metal will limber your fingers up for soloing. Nothing replaces practicing scale patterns, but playing songs is more fun.

  3. “and there it’s a lot of mistakes to, wich is big part of my sound” the coolest thing i never heard from a guitarrist, awsome bruuuh hahaha

  4. hey aloohhaa people…!!, what is te name of a sound reggae in the minute 2:18 to 2:47 ??? I want a tutorial of this sound to go learn to play fast like this man

    greetings from argentina

  5. Thanks a million. Believe it or not I’ve just joined a reggae band, I generally don’t even listen to reggae but the drummer is a good friend and I’m really getting into it. Starting to hear what else can be done on the guitar, other than the “1 chop 3 chop”, is a godsend so thanks for this video!

  6. Reverb, either Flanger or Phase Shifter or maybe even both, and a Wah effect from the sound of it.

  7. this guy is great. i’m just starting to get more in more into reggae but i have no clue where to start, not too many people around me listen. anyone have any suggestions on similar reggae guitarists that i can check out?

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