radical face – welcome Home (guitar tutorial)

I sometimes have people write me asking for tabs or sheet music for my songs. I never have any, because I use a form of shorthand I made up a long time ago, and it’s no help to anyone but me. So I figured the easiest way around this was to shoot a series of little tutorials in my kitchen, or in my shed. I’ve never done this before, so I’m not sure how clear or concise I’ll be, but I’ll do my best. If you’d like to request a tutorial for a specific song, write me an e-mail through my website (www.radicalface.com) and I’ll add it to the list.

24 thoughts on “radical face – welcome Home (guitar tutorial)

  1. Can you write out a tab for this or explain the finger picking in the first verse. I’m finding it kinda hard to follow. This song is absolutely amazing and i really wanna learn the remainder of the song! its great! Thanks

  2. I do like the little side to side bounce (head and body) he gets at around 3.00

    If I was playing I would do exactly the same thing

    Nothing says independent rock star like melamine kitchen cabinets (a tribute to Elliot Smith’s Miss Misery maybe?) he will one day have solid oak cabinets if the public has any sense!

  3. I was thinking that you’re so familiar when i was watching this video… ;D now I know why

  4. It’s really sweet and adorable that you are so self deprecating. You just seem like such a genuinely good and decent person, and you make such incredible music. Thanks for being great. 😀

  5. lol, love that he forgot his own song halfway through 😛 Brain farts happen to the best of us 😀

  6. I hope the guy that used your song in the Urban Side video on Youtube payed you for using it because it just made that amazing video! – oh yeah, Thanks a heap for putting this lesson up, you’re a legend matey 🙂

  7. I heard this song on Pandora last week and became mesmerized by it. I’m not a guitarist, I’ve had too many stupid things happen to my hands for that, but I can play a bit of keyboards and found the link to this on UltimateGuitar – I can’t think of ANYONE who would make a video like this, and it makes me want to explore your music further. Amazing.

  8. Es realmente Bueno, aunque me complique con algunos acordes, no fueron obstáculos para continuar con mi aprendizaje.
    Gracias Amigo 🙂

  9. hola mi amigo Ben Cooper, esta cancion, desde la primera vez que la escuche me hace sentir que todo tiene esperanza, que nada de lo que estes pasando es tan malo, gracias por despertarnos tantas cosas tan buenas, no es solo la letra, tanmbien la musica, eres grande Ben Cooper. gracias.

    sorry by writting in spanish, i´m from aguascalientes, mexico, and i enjoy your music too, i hope you know spanish. i enjoy too much your song, i hope you undestand everything i wrote, thanks for the music.

  10. It must feel awesome to write the best song ever written and then to give lessons on the internet from your kitchen…… Kudos Sir…

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