24 thoughts on “Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – How to Play the Guitar Solo – Brian May – Classic Guitar Solos

  1. on the first bend how do you get the little sound afterwards? at 2:16 the bend and then the note before he strums the next note?

  2. Marty,I thank you on behalf of everyone who watched this for being such a great teacher

  3. hiii…marty my name is tony and i liked your videos so much and i learned many thing from ur videos …please learn me how to play pantera-cowboys from hell

  4. snapped my high e trying to get the whole step bend on the 8.10.11 climax…off to guitar center yet again!!!

  5. awesooome cover! nice tonee! Go to my channel and watch my cover of bohemian rhapsody. I hope you enjoy it

  6. Its 11:00 at night I am tired and wanna sleep…Ima get up and get my guitar…learn this shit

  7. Mate thank you, I though this solo would be out of my reach for months but you broke it down so well it was simple to understand. I still sound like I’m plucking the strings with a sword atm, but I’m getting better at it. Thanks dude, keep up the awesome work 🙂

  8. Check my cover of this solo out on my channel! 🙂 Let me know if you liked it please 🙂 Or paste this link: /watch?v=GP4pc-aQo-c

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