Peter Green – Jumping at Shadows

This is the longer live version of the Duster Bennett song done by Original Fleetwood Mac and recorded live at the Boston Tea Party in February 1970. The intro guitar solo by Peter Green is longer on this version with some most subtle and soulful guitar I have ever heard. Danny Kirwan plays great rhythm guitar. Needed to re-upload it third time. Sorry to those who made comments after the first two uploads: your comments were lost, unfortunately.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Song Title: “When You Close Your Eyes” Album: Midnight Madness Year: 1984 Label: MCA/Camel (now under UMG) This official music video is copyright 2000 Geffen Records and is posted courtesy of UMG. I do not claim ownership to this video or song. All rights reserved by copyright holders. Jack Blades – bass guitar, lead & backing vocals Kelly Keagy – drums, percussion, backing & lead vocals Brad Gillis – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals Jeff Watson – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals, keyboards Alan Fitzgerald – keyboards, piano, backing vocals The lyrics are posted below: What do you do When it’s falling apart And you know it was going From the very start Do you close your eyes And dream about me A girl in love With a gleam in her eye I was a yonger boy All dressed in white We’re older now Do you still think about me I remember we learned about love In the back of a Chevrolet Well it felt so good to be young Feels like yesterday When you close your eyes Do you dream about me When you close your eyes Do you dream about me I guess I don’t know what I’m thinking Coming off a hard night of drinking Angle come closer to me I need a soul to bleed on It could’a been done In a different kinda way But that ain’t you You play tough when you play It’s over now I bet you still think about me I remember I held you so tight And we danced the night away With the moves of two wide eyed kids I need you so much today When you close your eyes Do you dream about me When you close your
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Peter Green – Jumping at Shadows

  1. this was in my opinion,the best guitar player in ingaland!!and hard to pop agaen someone to do the same!!just my opinion.

  2. A stunning performance. But let’s give some credit to Duster Bennett. Peter certainly would.

  3. If I’m not mistaken you can find this particular version of the song on Peter Green – Supernatural – An anthology. It’s a double CD package featuring Peter’s work with Fleetwood Mac and his more recent recordings with his Splinter Group. Jumping at shadow’s is also featured on it, I believe it’s the same as in this clip.

  4. This is the song that made me realise I wasnt listening to a very good blues guitarist – I was listneing to the best blues musician of all time. Its perfect from start to finish – subtle, growling, tender, biting and full of tension and release. Up there with his best ever.

  5. Thanks Rob (and Haymak below) it is “world keeps turning” – posted by skydog46. Yes you are right, it is still raises goosebumps after all these years.
    In a strange quirk of history – we would not have had this performance if that guitar string had not broken.

  6. Folks, help me out here. There was a Youtube clip of Pete about to sing when Danny’s guitar string broke. Pete continues solo. It was an awesome example of his talent and it also sent shivers. I cant remember the song. (must be getting old or loopy)
    I have looked but I cant find it. Anyone know where it is?

  7. I listen a have played for 25 years. This song caught me, and sends shivers down my spine every time. What a special performance.

  8. I don’t find BB King moving: he’s usually singing about unfaithful or ungrateful women and his songs are often comical. Though he does come across as a very substantial and kindly person who would sound soulful even when he’s reading the telephone book.

  9. I think what separates Green from the others, including Clapton, is his emotional sincerity. Unlike most white boy bluesmen, his blues came not from the hormones but from the heart. Of course he had the technque to play what he needed to play, but the technique was a means not an end.

  10. Jimi Hendrix was asked at Woodstock, “what does it feel like to be the greatest guitarist in the world”. His answer was “I don’t know, as Rory Gallagher” !!

  11. Green and Bloomfield – 2 Jewish white guys who owned white electric blues guitar playing. No contest.

  12. Saying who’s the greatest is entirely subjective. All I can say is that Peter Green moved me like no one else ever has, except for B.B. King, maybe. Peter is my favorite. His guitar playing always seemed like a singing voice to me, nuanced and dynamic.

  13. and the moral of the storyGIRLS is,let your guy rock out or else you will end up married to a chimp with 50 kids! lol see,i told you so.

  14. Your a good band when your drummer can also sing.. I miss those days when this song came out.

  15. What is this? Im sitting here listening to the band that had my two anthems from the eighties loving this moment realizing for the millionth time how awesome the eighties was/is still. When out to the side of the screen an ad with Michelle Obamas face begging us to vote for Obama. Get that ugly bitch and her American hating husbands shit off this site please. I MISS RONALD REAGAN AND THE EIGHTIES. EAT SHIT OBAMA.

  16. jetpacks have already been invented in military projects but they are too unstable to be used now.

  17. I get the feeling this how this meeting went with the band and the video director.Director:” I can get a chimp that reads the newspaper” Band:”It doesn’t really fit with the theme of the song.”Director:Its a chimp that reads the newspaper!!! We’ve already paid for him, he’s going somewhere.”

  18. Ahhh, back when music was still clean and happy and America was traditional while kids still said their prayers.

    Well – People better smarten up and return or suffer the consequences of a holocaust and genocide by our own government. Better get back to Traditional American values before it is too late. The leftists have done enough damage to our country and children. One party is right and the left is wrong.

  19. I think that’s Brenda Strong from Desperate Housewives and Dallas. She was in a lot of videos back then. If it is here, she still looks great.

  20. I was 13 … the mullets were in full bloom . but love this song so many awesome ness memories

  21. I learned about love in the back of a chevrolet a few times……it took nine months for me to grasp the concept completely.

  22. You “favorite” a Kelly Clarkson video…..and then call ME a dork?  That’s rich! LOL!

  23. Hi Anette, I agree with your comment about Tarja’s new album 🙂 Victim Of Ritual is a eplsoxive song!!! 😀 And with this post you are showing us, there aren’t have any hate with Tarja. Actually NW fans, still compare Tarja’s era and your era (and now with Floor too) . That, is increasing the hate day by day. And is so sad 🙁 So, Nightwish has a bad reputation on all the relation with their singers. Why? What’s happening inside? I’m a fan of Nightwish, Tarja and Floor. Recently, I heard some songs of you, and I want to say: you are doing a good job (Y)I think, I love much your music as solist than when you was the singer in Nightwish. Sincerely, your voice has a Rock Style and the Heavy Metal is not for you. And I think, that was one of the issues in Nightwish, for the fans. The radical change on the voice!But, I want to say: congratulations for your awesome job on Imaginaerum. Your voice feel more pure, free and you showed your qualities. So, the end had a happy ending! You looks more happy! :)Take care 🙂 Hugs!

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