Pentatonic 4 notes/string + string skipping – Milan Polak Lick #8

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson at The Cactus Cafe, Austin, Texas
Video Rating: 4 / 5

41 thoughts on “Pentatonic 4 notes/string + string skipping – Milan Polak Lick #8

  1. nothing, don’t worry, i didn’t know about the winners of the t rex contest yet, i didn’t know about the video. now i found it.

  2. thank you for all your nice comments, Raúl! I am happy that my licks inspire you, that’s the most important thing… 🙂

  3. Great lick,Milan.I just stole it hehe.What I like about your licks is that then I come up with my own ideas.Keep them coming!

  4. @12234nic11234: From the album The Ranch, the song, “Ghost In The Guitar” if you haven’t heard it don’t tell me he can’t do this song justice…

  5. @Penz2nz Are you kidding? Keith Urban couldn’t never put the same kind of heart and soul into a song like this, ever. Keith Urban would ruin this song if he ever tried to cut it.

  6. anybody that listens to the country is a dumbass country music died a long time ago it pop music keith urban sucks my a**hole

  7. whoever made the comment about keith urban cutting this is a total dumbass. keith urban fuckin sucks this is real music,Texas music not Trashville slop. queef urban dont know shit about real music and neither do you

  8. @kakeboy07 – VERY well put – worth a thumbs up – such an amazing song – Clark sings so purely and Verlon’s lead is just amazing – together they are an AMAZING duo. I’d love to see them live but sadly South Africa is a little off the radar for most country folk singers!

  9. @lazadar: Standard tuning, Capo II, Am-F-G-E progression. I fingerpick this one as I’m usually playing it solo. If you’re trying to figure out what Verlon’s doing, just watch him closely and get in the ballpark. Put your own self in the song from there.
    dawhealer 11 months ago

  10. Saw him in June not too far northeast of Aransas Pass. Doing well for a guy with diabetes, but his age is finally starting to get to him.

  11. Put this on, shut your eyes, and picture every word. I get chills every time.

    This just shows you can still fill a room with music with only a guitar.

  12. @roltthehunter I actually hate Bob Dylan’s “music”, and Guy Clark is literally one of my heroes. Just wanted to clear things up haha

  13. @DJSkinnyHo Well that is understandable given his background in folk music… Does not change the fact Bobby’s music is trash. Oh well shit happens .

  14. He really is a under rated folk Legend he could sing the pants off that wannabe Bobby Dylan any day of the week.

  15. i think i have commented on this video before but i had to again also………thats as good as it gets to me……..

  16. I haven’t been familiar with his music to my loss, but I think you’d have to go about as far as you can to find a better crafted song than this!

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