Paul Gilbert Alternate Picking Lesson

From the instructional DVD Get Out Of My Yard.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is number 15 in a series entitled “But Wait,Theres More” played and instructed by professional guitar instructor “Mike Gross”..In no particular order,the 15th “riff” is “Beat And The Harlot.” by “Avenged Sevenfold”{Synyster Gates/Zacky Vengeance}…The 2 part intro is explained in this detailed lesson..A must watch for you “ROCKERS”…Please subscribe-comment-like-and leave any questions you have pertaining to this instructional guitar lesson on the “comment” section on this page…Enjoy…Mike Gross …THIS IS MY NEW HD GUITAR LESSON CHANNEL YOUTUBEDOTCOM/ROCKINGUITARLESSONS1…WEBSITE ROCKINGUITARLESSONSDOTCOM

24 thoughts on “Paul Gilbert Alternate Picking Lesson

  1. Buckethead is shit cant even make his own persona who the fuck puts a bucket on thier head fail imitation of slash

  2. woah! I didnt notice that the angle of my pick became too parallel which kinda affected my playing and slowed me down! (coz I was practicing sweep picking which made my pick parallel to the strings, and lack of extreme practice haha) awesome lesson paul! and tnx upploader!

  3. Wait what?, oh dude sorry, my roommate was on my computer, dude i love GG, his sound is so fluid and souful. My roommate disagrees.

  4. If that’s your honest opinion of GG, then you have much to learn. The only good thing to ever come out of Paul Gilbert – is Buckethead.

  5. When I first saw this video,I thought the title was “Paul Gilbert Anal Terminating Fucking Lesson”.

    The very reason why I clicked and watched the video.

  6. Basically what you just said, it’s not true, how does that feel? Cause i can tell you who has the worst instuctional video on youtube, Michael Angelo Batio. All GG does is play with a wet whammy and make porn music.

  7. For 5 years ..My pinky finger hurts and swells because of too much alternate picking just I thought that I could have control if my pinky would stay steady near the pickup but it tears my skin. But when I followed how Paul picks and Rusty Cooley it’s much easier. thanks to them

  8. I played for many many years with movement from my elbow. In the last 2 years have minimized it more and more to just my wrist. Its not quicker or better per se but I can maintain it for much much longer. I def recommend starting VERY slow with just the wrist. Concentrate on NOT using any of your arm muscles. Its more about what you do not work than what you do. Wrist only. Try to move the pick the minimum amount also. Do this on one string only till comfortable then move to 2 then 3 etc. Gd Lk.

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