Paranoid – Black Sabbath – Guitar Lesson with Danny Gill Licklibrary Paranoid by Black Sabbath guitar lesson taught by Danny Gill is available by following the link above. Danny Gill teaches you how to play the intro riff to Paranoid in this guitar lesson – to learn the full lesson and all the other guitar parts head to Paranoid is from the DVD Learn To Play Black Sabbath DVD where Danny Gill teaches you how to play 5 of Black Sabbaths tracks. The guitar lessons include how to play Sweet Leaf on guitar, how to play War Pigs on guitar, how to play Sabbath Bloody Sabbath on guitar, how to play Iron Man on guitar and how to play Paranoid on guitar. To view more info on the DVD head to:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dustin Prinz teaching a guitar lesson on “Feel Good Inc” by the Gorillaz. CD’s HERE ITUNES http FACEBOOK TWITTER MYSPACE Check out more of dustin’s tunes at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Paranoid – Black Sabbath – Guitar Lesson with Danny Gill Licklibrary

  1. I have noticed in some videos (solo performances mainly) that you guys dont play exactly the same way the artist does. Why? And is there an all Black Sabbath dvd?

  2. Make one for Smoke on the Water next. I’ve been stuck on that one for about 7 years now :/

  3. @licklibrary Have you seen the “Rock Star Guitar Lessons : Play Guitar Like…” series on eHow? That guy is so bad that “teaches”(if you can say that) how to play like SRV with active pickups, Says it’s A minor but plays in A Major….He’s a tool basically.
    I think they should buy a Lick Library DVD for him….and…That you guys should dislike all of their videos, I know I did….

  4. @michaeljk700 Have no fear we wont be posting any ‘how to clean your house, apply makeup and get fit’ videos anytime soon.

  5. @petar298 I Totally Agree With you man!! People who say first are just the First Dumbass….lol

  6. we need holdsworthian and govanesque lessons, by now even my cat knows how to play paranoid

  7. Hate these fvckin teaser video clips.

    Check out JustinGuitar or Justin Sandercoe’s lessons, you get the real deal….FREE!

  8. @ptpetrov Lol I knew there was going to be a smart ass trying to confront me with this, but everyone clearly sees my point, thats why my comment has 34 likes so yeah fuck off πŸ™‚

  9. Your chords are right but your tuning is a little off. Its closer to drop D then half a step down then dropping the e string down.

  10. 14 people are too retarded to understand such a great tutorial vid. Thanks for the help I’ve been looking for tabs for this song, and i finally found a good video. you explain it very well and i would know, because I’m a beginner and i understood everything PERFECTLY

  11. So do u have to play the 1st fret twice!? Cuz u say 1,3,4 but when u play it.. U strum it four times.. So do u play E flat?

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