Paco de Lucia “la Barrosa”

Paco at his best por Alegrias. This one did not make it on to the “Live in Germany 96” DVD. So here it is. New CD available at: Also check out my website:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

click here to make a song request More Great Lessons at Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guitar Lesson) Solo Part 3 slash
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Paco de Lucia “la Barrosa”

  1. fastest pace ever seen him play this one — frantic 180 metronome, and impeccably clean…beyond belief…

  2. The maestro .. Paco the genius at work
    they dont come better .. suspect will never come any better
    loved his music since visiting spain in the 70’s ..
    its Paco De Lucia .. enough said and let his magic fingers do the talking

  3. i give up on guitar… thought playing steve vai stuff was good… looks like im going to start taking classical lessons…

  4. vamo a ve si te entera la barrosa e una playa de chiclana en cai al su de epaña e andalucia ene atlatico eee

  5. I just wanted to make sure I got my 2 cents in here…
    Your style of instruction is fantastic at any level.. Watching this video, I felt as though, you were sitting in my living room and anticipated exactly what is needed for learning this song. Building the riff, playing it through a couple time and starting over again to play it though…

    Not only are you a master guitar player, you are a master teacher.

    Keep it coming and thank you for advancing the wonderful world of music and guitar.

  6. @ArsenalGunner787
    E flat standard tuning. its common of most gunners songs. just tune every string down a fret.

  7. I’m disappointed Marty cmon u let us down by taking off part 4 thumbs up if u think this is true and we should get part 4 back

  8. Hey i had saved part 4 in my favorites and now i cant watch it because it says that the video is private whats up with that

  9. There is a part 4 it’s just not written as part 4, it’s just ‘slash’s awesome solo lesson’ and it’s about 6 mins long, it should come up in related videos, you’ll see it there!

  10. Thanks so much for that man, I have the book, and I was just about to give up on that section. Really clear. Thank you.

  11. @arsenalgunner787
    he is using eb tuning

    and the amp’s settings

    gain 6-7
    trebble 4-5
    middle and bass 7
    a little bit reverb and use the bridge pickup

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