25 thoughts on “Nirvana – Drain You – Easy Beginner Rock Guitar Songs – free guitar lessons kurt Cobain

  1. Damn my small hands.. I can’t play power chords very easily. I have to use my middle and really stretch out my pinky finger to play them D:

  2. In the beggining you said you could put your pinky is it just for that note or can I not use the pinky for the whole song

  3. You’re brilliant.

    Playing some sick Nirvana in less then 15 minutes? Only with you and your lessons.

  4. NIRVANA FTW-3 lol omg what would i do without you marty… Idek omg but thanks SO much! Im obsessed with kurt cobain & nirvana & thanks for teaching their songs :’)-3

  5. Your right its far off but guess Wat he made it sound better!! He’s an experienced musician I think he knows what he’s doing!

  6. thanks to martyzsongs i have learne wizard by black sabbath brian stew by green day and drain you by nirvana all in 2 days thanks martty! i would love it if you put a lesson of black sabbath by black sabbath up!!!

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