(Lesson) My Heart Will Go On

TAB: www.mediafire.com Standard Tuning: www.box.com Glider GL-1 Capo: tinyurl.com arranged by southwind193812 ^I just want to emphasize this point. This arrangement is written by southwind193812, who asked me to tab it for him. Sungha covered his arrangement, but didn’t credit him. So please, thank southwind for his wonderful work. My most requested video, by far! I’m sorry it took so long. I finally got a chance to sit down and record something over the weekend. I hope this can help some people. Message me or leave a comment here or on my Facebook page if you have any questions

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  1. If you want to play the same arrangement, you’ll have to quickly switch the capo up a fret, which of course won’t be as smooth as the glider capo. You could also rewrite the arrangement to do a key change without moving the capo, but that’s a bit complicated…

  2. I’m not sure if the glider capo is wide enough for a classical guitar neck. I haven’t seen it done yet

  3. hi i am using a classical guitar.. would the rolling capo you have in your description fit my guitar or it has to be an acoustic like yours?? thank you!

  4. hi first i just want it to tell you thatt this is the best tutorial i’ve find, it has help me a lot but i just have one question since i dont have the rolling capo how would i do it?

  5. Bar the third fret with your index finger and use your pinky for the 7th fret. If this is too difficult, forget the bar and just play the low 3 and the high 7 (7—–3). It’s the same as in the DADGAD version, so you can see how I play it at 4:40.
    I added the other 3 in the chord because you lose a lot of the nice overtones in standard tuning. This is pretty hard and annoying to learn at first , but you’ll be using this a lot in other fingerstyle songs so it’s a good idea to practice it.

  6. in the beginning (standard tuning tabs) where it says 73—3 how can i do this without breaking my fingers?

  7. Hi everyone!
    To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy, I’ve arranged a standard tuning version of the movie theme “My Heart Will Go On,” as requested by many.
    The download link is in the description.
    As always, thanks for your support!

  8. To be honest, I think that if you’re having trouble learning the song with both the full tab and this explanation available to you, then it’s probably too difficult for you at the moment. The intent of the lessons I put up isn’t to spoon-feed people, but to help them improve; to do that you guys need to put in the hard work, too.
    That said, let me know if there are any specific questions that I can help you with.

  9. How is the classic technique for fuller tone spelled?  It really does give a fuller tone. Thank you for posting this very nice lesson and the tabs.

  10. nice!! great lesson…my only question is, is there some way i can play this song without the roller capo? (i only have the regular capo)

  11. this is help me so much, only problem is when i try to strecth my finger look at the tome 6:01 cud u tell me how to help me stretch my finger thanks

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